Say hello to Leveranskontroll, Simplified Delivery Control for E-commerce with built in CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index).


Say hello to Leveranskontroll, Simplified Delivery Control for E-commerce with built in CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index).

We here at Examinare have had a fantastic spring 2016. Not only have we updated our survey tool with a fantastic new design, we have also updated our cloud to a new level, delivering better loading times across the world. Now comes the next hit!

Introducing the delivery control (, the ultimate delivery feedback platform for e-commerce. Leveranskontroll can be used with all known e-commerce systems and CMS tool without APIs.

This is how works.

Step 1.

Your customer puts in her/his order and arrives at your thank you page. There our system registers the order information and customer information automatically to enable email invitations of the CSI questionnaire.


Step 2.

You ship the product or service and at the same time our system automatically gets indication that you have shipped the order.


Step 3.

Our system sends out the questionnaire according to your settings. If a reminder is set and a questionnaire is unanswered after a set period, then the system will send out a reminder to your customer. After receiving feedback, you can follow the results in real-time.

Leveranskontroll works seamless with your Examinare Survey Account.

As you know, we are on Examinare are committed to provide you with safe data-storage and Leveranskontroll is no exception. Since Leveranskontroll uses the Examinare API all information is saved inside your Examinare account and all data storage on your recipients and survey results are saved in Examinare. In Leveranskonroll only anonymous data is stored that can not be connected to any personal information.

Do you want full delivery control?

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