Food Evaluator, The Perfect implementation for Coffee Shops/Café.


Success of any business (and a café is not an exception) is to meet the desires of the customers and even anticipate them. Are certain baristas professional enough? In what aspects is your café better or worse than the competitors? How does your pricing model hold up to the rest of the market? Knowing exact and timely answers to these and other important questions can play a significant part in the development and future strategies of your coffee business.

Three ways to productively gather visitors’ feedback in your café.

When you order a Food Evaluator account, any of the available ones includes expert consultation. During it a member of our team learns your current working strategy, approach to customer service, other features of your daily working process and then helps to pick up the most relevant and effective way of gathering customer feedback. Actually, there are three mainly used and working methods to make a contact with a client for learning his opinion about your café/coffee shop.

Sending a survey invite through Email. One of the most popular and widely used methods across many business industries for evaluating customer satisfaction. Its main advantages are the ability of the customer to take part in the survey in the most convenient time and automatic survey scheduling through Food Evaluator dashboard. All you need to implement this feedback learning approach is customer’s name and email address. Once this data is entered into the form, the system than handles survey sending, response gathering and analyzing of the results automatically.

Sending a survey invite through SMS. This type of feedback gathering works in the similar way as in case with email, but uses mobile network to get in touch with the customers. Survey invites are delivered via text messages to the phones of your clients together with an appropriate link. A certain part of people pays a lot more attention to SMSes, than to their email boxes, that is why in some cases this method may bring a very good results in terms of getting a higher response rate.

Accessing a survey with a QR code. This is an alternative method, which does not require any customer data for sending a survey. The specially generated QR code together with a request to take part in a survey can be put on a counter or printed on the receipt. Scanning the code with any mobile camera will momentarily open a questionnaire right on the screen of the smartphone and clients can answer the questions right away or postpone it for later.

But there’s one more important thing...

Receiving a satisfactory amount of honest, objective customer opinions is not only a question of organizing an automatic feedback gathering system like Food Evaluator in your café/coffee shop. Think why would people want to take part in you survey; only because you have sent an invite to their phone? You should interest them to do it and, in this case, nothing works better than a free gift like free coffee, discount or additional bonuses sent to their loyalty card. Thus, you will not only receive a valuable information, but also motivate people to visit your café again.

So, it’s a right time to start.

The right time to start using Food Evaluator is always now. From the very first day when your business started its journey in the business world, it’s important to control customer satisfaction, work of your staff and follow the coming trends. Our experts will not only help you to pick up the optimal way of survey distribution, but will also create the most effective survey itself for you and set up the system to function as it should in your exact institution. Order your own account on our website or contact us for any additional information about the solution.

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