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While creating a Nurse Satisfaction Survey, many people are facing the problem of its proper composing for obtaining the necessary data. In this article, we will give some explanations on the matter.

Satisfaction is a psychological state which depends directly on the particular individual's implementation of goals, desires and expectations. Quality and productivity of work are largely dependent on the satisfaction, that's why the creation of conditions for improving and maintaining it at a high level is a very important task for any company, including the health care system.

But everyone is different and requires an individual approach and appropriate motivation. In addition, the health sector is very complex and specific; requirements to the psychological and professional skills of employees are not similar to those of other professions. The Nurse Satisfaction Survey is one of the main components of the personnel motivation system. Its development involves the use of professional tools that can provide the most complete, reliable, relevant information in a form, which is comfortable to use for the researchers.

Nurse Satisfaction Survey. How to start?

It's not always easy to identify factors preventing nurses from fulfilling their work as effectively as possible. People can be unsatisfied with salary, relationships in a team, high mental and emotional load, risks of contracting infections etc. You have to understand that no matter what kind of results will Nurse Satisfaction Survey show, you must do something after getting them. Otherwise, it will be your last survey with the most accurate answers.

Start by identifying the department in which the survey will be conducted, its techniques and the method of its implementation. It may be a classic "paper" Nurse Satisfaction Survey, which is more familiar, but less comfortable for the respondents at the same time. It may also be a modern electronic survey held on computers or mobile devices. The latter is the result of development after thousands of successfully conducted "paper" surveys. It provides ample opportunities both in creating surveys and analyzing the received data.

Questions that should be included in the Nurse Satisfaction Survey.

The questions of this survey should not be too difficult for understanding. But at the same time, they have to be useful for future potential improvements in working conditions, motivation and atmosphere in a team. They can relate to the material and non-material work incentives, psycho-emotional situations in nurses' families and work, reasons for choosing the profession, factors affecting the work performance etc. Too many obligatory questions should not be included in the Nurse Satisfaction Survey. You should give respondents a possibility to choose whether they want to give an answer or not. If you use questions with certain statements for the job satisfaction evaluation, then ones in the form of the Osgood scale or gradient scale will be the most appropriate. Conditional branching will give each respondent the questions that correspond to his answers. It will help to avoid misunderstandings and possible unnecessary waste of time resources.

The art of organizing and managing the work is in a clear understanding of the team and each individual's needs. It helps to create the conditions for their implementation. In case of the overall nurses' satisfaction with their work, it is a detailed analysis of the survey results that will help to determine the particular motivation of individual employees and to take the appropriate measures to improve efficiency, optimize workflow and provide opportunities for the realization of their potential. This is an important step, which is the starting point of subsequent changes and improvements. It requires a serious and professional approach.

Why do leading Scandinavian clinics choose Examinare?

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