Send automatic Customer Satisfaction Surveys with our Stripe integration.


When you are running an e-commerce site, it is easy to miss out on valuable feedback for the first-time buyers. At the same time knowing what a person liked in your service or would like to see in future is a first step to your customer loyalty enhancement.

Stripe is an easy to start solution for taking payments from your customers. Since it is widely used by many e-commerce platforms, we have now implemented its integration into Delivery Evaluator. With help of Delivery Evaluator together with the information from your Stripe account, you get all the power of customer surveys, even if you use an in-house e-commerce product together with Stripe.

What makes Delivery Evaluator different from other integrations that work with Stripe?

Delivery Evaluator automatically receives the data with help of Webhooks that are initialized on request or if needed and the possibility is available. In the described cases the integration gets additional information from Stripe, like customer name and order details. When the request has been performed, the survey invite is planned according to your settings in Delivery Evaluator. They contain invitational message, link to the target survey and the time after order delivery, when the system will initialize sending of the survey invite. When the customer has answered the survey request, the background information is matched with the time of the purchase and you can then analyze received data in details on the daily survey result page.

How to connect Delivery Evaluator with Stripe integration to your e-commerce site.

When you make a decision to connect automatic customer satisfaction system to your online store, it’s the only task you are responsible for. All the rest is the concern of our team. Since every case of our clients is unique, the whole setup process, integration into your website, configuration is done by our technicians, while specially tailored for your business survey questions are composed by our survey experts after a substantive discussion with you. Moreover, all of our clients receive a free support by online chat and email, so we are always available for help when you need it or have any questions.

Go to our Prices page, choose the preferred account type and start collecting customer feedback about the work of your business and deliveries daily in the automatic mode.

This article is about Delivery Evaluator.
Our service for Delivery Feedback Surveys.

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