How to use Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Delivery Evaluator for Teleshopping Companies.


Teleshopping has been around for many years and we think it is a method of sales that will be around for many years still to come. In some forms teleshopping has moved from being only something that came to be on Sundays or sometimes to be a natural step to introduce international products into a new local market.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys that gives feedback every day, week and year.

Since many of the offers you see in Teleshopping include, send back if you are not fully satisfied with the product and get your money back. This offer also makes it a need to follow up the returns and send information to suppliers on what their customers who sent back was dissatisfied with and that makes, following up the truly satisfied customers an extra task. Where Delivery Evaluator helps is on these satisfied customers who keep the product longer than a certain amount of time. With the information from the internal backoffice system, Delivery Evaluator can send out Customer Satisfaction Surveys ongoing when the customer has kept their product over the return time and therefor has signaled that they are happy.

Not every customer is happy.

As you might understand, not all customer are happy just because they not send back the product, they actually can be really dissatisfied about the product and tell everyone but not you, there is where Delivery Evaluator comes in. Our system will identify the customers who are not happy with their product and make sure you know why and how to make them into a customer who would buy from you again. Customer Satisfaction Surveys are no longer something you do one or two times per year for customers who have been buying from you. It is a system that needs to be used every day, week and checked on every month.

We also have entire departments for rent.

We also have consultants that can be your feedback person, that means we check and act on the dissatisfied customers according to your guidelines. Therefor you can get your own feedback department with support from the geniuses from Examinare and Delivery Evaluator. When you are planning to do something new with feedback in your Teleshopping company, think Customer Satisfaction Surveys from Examinare and Delivery Evaluator.

This article is about Delivery Evaluator.
Our service for Delivery Feedback Surveys.

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