Follow-up cancellations of your streaming services via SMS surveys and E-mail surveys.


When the customer cancels his subscription to your streaming service, it is very important for your company to know the reason of the cancellation. Was the service corresponding to the customer's expectations? Has the customer found cheaper service with the same content or does the customer want to only save money?

Why Cancel is an automatic system that tracks customer redundancies through surveys via SMS and email, when people terminate their service by your streaming company.

Take advantage of our survey professionals to get the most out of your resignations.

Planning and developing a well-functioning survey can be complicated and can result in missing results. Inappropriate question types, long examinations, incomplete surveys, strange answering options. There can be many reasons for not getting the expected results, which you are looking for. If you are facing any kind of problems during the work with investigations or want to avoid them from the outset, when you follow up the customer losses, use Why Cancel.

Our service includes creating your surveys for you!

Always be aware of why customers stop using your streaming service to change your business processes in a timely manner and work to win back your customers.

The simple presence of the clarifying question in the right place of your subscription page on the site is not an effective and convenient way to both ensure the informative response rate and analyze the systematic results. That is why Why Cancel features have been created in a way, which is different from the standard solutions on the market. We integrate it with your service and make it operate in automatic mode from the start.

Comprehensive, professional data analysis is part of the service.

From the beginning we treat all the results with great respect. It is pointless to invest money in automation and survey development if you cannot use every single piece of the collected data.

All the important analysis functions, such as mapping, results filtering, report generation and exporting the results into the most popular file formats can be found in Why Cancel. You choose, whether you want to quickly check the simplified view of the analyzed results, delve deep into certain aspects of the specific client voices or study in details each individual comment, received during a particular day or week.

Start using Why Cancel today. Connect it to your system.

Why Cancel can be used with any CRM system. Our specialists will do all the necessary integration jobs. Our development department can also adjust Why Cancel to your needs and add the features you need to make Why Cancel work according to your business standards and needs.

Contact us to send out SMS surveys and E-mail surveys for following up the cancellations of your streaming service already today with Why Cancel.

This article is about Why Cancel.
Our service for Anti-churn with real customer questionnaires that convert.

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