SMS invites are now available at unbeatable prices.


With the newest upgrade of Stay Evaluator, we now support sending out the Survey Forms by SMS to your guests. With sending by SMS you can get over 12% more votes comparing to E-mail invites only. When you activate SMS invites, you get the possibility to send to both E-mail address and SMS number or just one of them.

Low prices on SMS and delivery guarantee are possible now.

Sending out SMS invites always involves a cost. Our team has worked hard to get SMS prices as low as possible and with the combination of 3 SMS providers we can bring one of the lowest prices on the market and at the same time have 100% guarantee that if your SMS does not arrive to your guest’s cellphone, we will investigate it and make sure that the problems will be resolved as soon as possible. During that time we do not charge for SMSes that are not being received.

Mobile-friendly design of the Survey Form.

Just adding SMS functionality does not do all the job. Therefor Stay Evaluator has been updated with a new, more mobile friendly design that will be loaded on any cellphone out on the market. When your guest has given his answers on the phone, they are reported in real-time. If you are sending out the invite through both E-mail and SMS, there is no risk of getting double votes since if the SMS invite is used to answer, it will automatically make the E-mail version of the link display as already answered.

How to start on Stay Evaluator with SMS and E-mail feedback.

To start, contact our sales team and we will help you to get started and make sure you are getting the feedback you need.

If you are already using Stay Evaluator and want to add SMS-functionality, then contact the support team.

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