Service quality survey with Delivery Evaluator from Market Research Company Examinare.


When creating a service quality survey there is a lot of factors involved in the project. It is not something that you should take lightly. Templates and word files that you can download online are not adjusted to your needs. That is one of the reasons why Delivery Evaluator will as a single solution solve your project when creating a service quality follow-up.

It is not only a service quality questionnaire but also a full Delivery Follow up Service that runs by E-mail and SMS and works with any mobile phone or E-mail client. When using a service quality survey with Delivery Evaluator your customer get a questionnaire by email or SMS and answer inside their phone or mobile.

Connect order number or background data to your service quality questionnaire to track the individual order, service ticket or e-commerce thank you page. When you get the answers into your account then you can see what part of your service needs to be improved.

About the developers behind Delivery Evaluator.

Examinare, the developers of Delivery Evaluator has created a powerful and simple tool for following up any kind of service, purchase or support for any type of Delivery. We have customer who use it for checking parcel customer experience, transaction experience and also to follow up delivery of cars and customer experience when returning products from an online purchase.

Examinare was born 2006 out of a Survey Tool Project that was so successful that a lot of businesses wanted to start creating surveys with it. After 2015 Delivery Evaluator was born as an API-extension of Examinare the Survey Tool.

Examinare now constructs and sends out thousands of questionnaires every year.

Implementation of the service quality follow-up made easy.

The price for the service Delivery Evaluator is 1 500 EURO per year or 150 EURO / month + a setup fee of 350 EURO. In the setup fee of 350 EURO includes creation of the questionnaire and help with integration to your system.

Even if you do not have a system to integrate to you can absolutely use Delivery Evaluator to send out the questionnaire with the help of our import function. Use an Excel file and import it into the Delivery Evaluator login and Delivery Evaluator takes care of the rest.

When setup Delivery Evaluator already have the business logic of your company and therefor Delivery Evaluator will act according to these rules even when you import with the help of the Excel import function.

Start with service quality surveys and Delivery Evaluator already today, contract your local Examinare representative today.

This article is about Delivery Evaluator.
Our service for Delivery Feedback Surveys.

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