Get Started with Examinare Survey Tool API

Video Tutorial on How to Activate Examinare API


Activate Examinare Survey Tool API

Red fields are required and must have a value. XML-data is sent using HTTPS as POST-data.
In the beginning of this document there is a summary of the available functions. This is followed by a more detailed part.

URL for all functions are
To connect you need to add three commands to the POST data:

apiKey – This is provided by Examinare in your account.
apiCompany – The company database to be used.
Command – The command you provide for the call.
Please note: More commands may be needed by the function you call.

Mobile API and non-shared API keys.

If you for any reason want to keep your API key private and use a Login type of Style instead of the Static Examinare API key then you may use the Mobile API command setPhoneID, this command can be used to get a Mobile API token that can be used instead of the static API token.  All mobile API tokens can be deleted at any time from your Examinare account inside the Settings -> Advanced Settings.

PHP Wrapper Library

The PHP Wrapper Library Code.

No downloads OR long readme files.

Just copy and paste into where you want the code put.

If you choose the filename "examinare-api.php" then all PHP Code examples on this site will work with the urls.

Otherwise, you need to update your codes include statement on the top. Our Php-wrapper is now located at Github.

setPhoneID (Use Mobile API)

With the setPhoneID you can create your own API keys that will be connected to a live administrative user in your Examinare account. You need to activate the Mobile Keys functions in your Configuration tab in your Examinare account.

POST data information:
(Red information is mandatory), all POST data captions are case-sensitive.

apiCompany Company ID
user Administrators Username
pass Administrators Password in MD5 encryption.
deviceInformation Optional text to describe the API connector Device. Will be displayed in the API tokens list in your account.

Want to build solutions based on Examinare?

We offer a Developer Account that can be used for creating a Sandbox or used for building external applications for the Examinare API where your customers can then use your solution with their Examinare account.

The developer account have all the functions of a normal account, because of its low price you can not use these accounts for commercial use.

Developer Account
99 USD
  • Unlimited Answers, Polls & Recipients
  • Publish 1 Survey at the same time
  • Pre-made Template Library
  • Email Support only
  • Yearly Subscription
  • Examinare API Access
  • Not for Commercial Use