Skåne families will be driving their cars even with gasoline increase.


Last 2014 there was not a lot of drivers in Sweden who have missed that gasoline has increased in price periodically. We decided to ask Skåne families would they be able to keep the same standard of living compared to today, if gasoline rose in price by 5 kronor.

The entire 69.7 % of respondents answered that they would continue to drive even if the gasoline was 5 krona (0.5 cent EURO) more. These are families with at least one child living at home in Skåne. What surprised us is that only 12.12% would sell the car to be able to save their family economy.

German families do not agree.

When we asked the German families with children the same question, it was approximately 42.6% said it would be totally impossible to deal with their situation in life today, if the price of gasoline went up 50 cents tomorrow.

What can be drawn by these conclusions?

Of course, one can draw many conclusions from it all but the biggest is that Skåne families with children have a greater tolerance towards increases in gasoline prices. Much could be because of the media noise around petrol prices is a lot higher in Sweden than in the rest of Europe.

How is this study done?

Examinare does market research worldwide since 2011. We have access to over 2 million consumers who want nothing more than to answer your questions (of course they get paid also). Users of Examinare can also ask this panel and pay only for the number of received responses and you are guaranteed for the number of responses you pay for!

Questions we asked amongst others: Would you cope with your situation today, if the gasoline would be 5 kronor more per liter? (Swedish families with children)

  • No, totally impossible – 18.18 %
  • Yes, but will probably sell any vehicles – 12.12 %
  • Yes, I would still drive – 69.7%

Would you cope with your situation today, if the gasoline would be 0.5 euro more per liter? (German families with children)

  • No, totally impossible – 42.61 %
  • Yes, but will probably sell any vehicles – 11.3 %
  • Yes, I would still drive – 46.09 %

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