Using Clinic Evaluator in veterinarian clinics.


According to A Study of Well-Managed Practices made by Veterinary Economics together with Wutchiett Tumblin and Associates, client satisfaction surveys is one of the most effective ways to evaluate the performance of your clinics. Eventually, the goal of any business is to get as many clients as possible, that's why it is very useful to regularly look at your clinics with eyes of your customers.

Is your clinic peaceful and cozy? Is the receptionist welcoming and benevolent to the customer and the pet? Are the veterinarians and their assistants attentive enough and make appropriate recommendations for pet wellness during the examination? Has your clinic team an overall positive attitude and does it contribute to a healthful work environment? Pet owners are often very attentive and sensitive to small things and any shortcomings may cost you customers and revenue.

We developed Clinic Evaluator to be not just a tool for making veterinary satisfaction surveys. It's a complete satisfaction management system tailored specifically for veterinarian clinics, allowing to control reception, veterinarians, work of the clinic and overall business performance. Once being set up, Clinic Evaluator works fully in automatic mode and all your receptionists need to do is type in the email of your client into an appropriate field in the form. The rest system will do itself.

How does Clinic Evaluator work in a veterinary clinic?

First of all, it's worth mentioning that the survey sending form and the results analytics are separated, so that the executive staff has access only to the survey sending while managing staff can access and analyze the received results, thus easily controlling the performance from any place on computer or smartphone.

The whole feedback collection process can be organized in several ways based on your requirements, needs and working features. It depends on whether you have an online registration, want your clients to answer survey questions on a tablet in your clinics, send the survey to them by email or let them choose.

The most common way how our clients regularly organize their feedback collection process in veterinarian clinics is as follows:
1) A customer comes to the clinic with his pet and receives the desired service.
2) After the visit, a receptionist inputs customer's name and email address, ticks the box corresponding to the serving veterinarian and chooses the preferred language of a survey. After "Send" button being pushed, the survey is put into a queue and will be delivered to the client according to the settings made inside Clinic Evaluator system. As a rule, our clients choose either the same day as the visit occurs or the next day after the visit to deliver the survey.
3) The marks corresponding to various aspects of the clinic's work are being calculated in Clinic Evaluator system. The manager can clearly see how his business is performing and an authorized employee gets alert about any arisen problems immediately.
4) If the customer ignores the survey or misses an invitation, Clinic Evaluator sends him a reminder in a time set inside the system (as a rule in 1 or 2 weeks after the visit).

This is just an example and not a mandatory sequence. It is you, who choose how you want to control your customer satisfaction and Clinic Evaluator system will be adjusted to your needs. If you want it to be integrated with your corporate CRM, be deployed in a network of clinics or include additional functionality, our development department is always ready to help. Contact us at for receiving additional information and further discussion.

This article is about Clinic Evaluator.
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