New Design and new services - Happy 2021!


We all have had the turbulent year 2020, the Corona virus has made its impression in the world and making some businesses change their ways, some has stopped operations and some have scaled-down.

We here at Examinare, started work early in 2020 of March to redesign and rework the way Examinare works and the way we help businesses. I, Daniel Kroon, have a long passion for Ecommerce and Examinare. The feeling of knowing why customers order and come back or not comes back has been an interesting point for a long time. 

E-commerce is the Way of the Future for many Businesses in 2021.

Many companies during 2020 started to sell online and some transformed into a new E-commerce shop. Since we have consultants that know both Prestashop and Magento, along with this, we have also been coworking and partnered with a few world-class International Agencies and Consultancies over the years. We have decided to step into the E-commerce game by helping to startup new webshops or website when you have been running your business for a few years.  SpiderX CMS that we are marketing has helped us for many years. With the new version, we have unique tools for you to create a website together with Examinare that will be optimized not only for every device, but also for your company design guidelines.

Delivery Evaluator is Helping the Feedback Loop for more Business in 2020.

Delivery Evaluator has been an Examinare product since 2016. During 2020, we have had a big surge of interest for an easy tool to follow up E-commerce purchases and therefore, we have had many onboardings with Delivery Evaluator. Now, we are stepping up the game during 2021. In the early part of Q3 of 2021, we are releasing a new interface and a mobile app, more on this later this year.

Examinare Survey Tool and New Website.

When getting customers to sign up for a service, we at Examinare want to give a better service and to uplift even more our motivation to transform our Websites and all Subdivisions to Examinare design and experience. We have felt for a while that we needed to become better on some levels to give the optimal experience both with Examinare Survey Tool and the Examinare Services, so this is why we started a new Web transformation in early 2020 when the pandemic started. During Q1 2021, we will have even more tips and tricks available for your customers regarding all our tools. 

A new design of the Examinare Survey Tool is coming Q3 2021 with more enhanced navigation and more mobile-friendly design for the Admin-area. 

Words from Daniel Kroon, CEO of Examinare.

I hope everyone gets a good start in 2021, where we can look forward to a conclusion of the Corona Virus Effect, maybe not the virus, but the effect it has on our daily lives. I am looking forward to 2021 with a smile on my face. Everything new is always a reason to smile, to look forward to, and to get energetic about. See you in 2021.

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