Find out why customers unsubscribe from your newsletter.


Imagine a situation: you are in a relationship with another person. You're having a good time together, enjoying each other's company and it seems like a bright future is facing both of you. But one day your partner is gone without saying anything. Even if you're not too greedy and revengeful and don't insist on returning all of your presents, the least you deserve is knowing the reason why was you left. First of all, because that person was valuable to you in the past, and secondly because you don't want to repeat the same old mistakes in the future. Losing the customer is not less devastating for your business than losing the partner is for your personal life.

Why do customers unsubscribe from the newsletters?

Epsilon and ROI Research study on the reasons of unsubscriptions from newsletters by customers from the United States and Canada showed that the top 5 of them are:

– Irrelevant content;
– Excessive frequency;
– Worrying about the email being shared or sold;
– Signing up never occurred;
– Concern about the privacy.

However, these few are only the most popular ones. The problems can be solved and the effective actions can be taken only when you know what to fight with. That is why we recommend integrating Why Cancel into your unsubscription flow to find out and further control what is going on.

Short exit survey works best.

Do not do the most common mistake of bombarding your customers with questions or presenting the form which may seem endless when scrolling to the end of the page. One or two questions are more than enough to receive the valuable data otherwise you risk not getting anything at all.
Inside Examinare Survey Tool you can create whatever types of questions you like without any limitations. It is a good approach to give your customers not only the ready-made answering options but also the ability to add something in their own words in case of need. Sometimes you can not predict the demands of the individuals. So don't forget to add a free-text field. Also, Examinare allows adding your own logo and design of the survey form. Thus you will make an impression of a serious company instead of a one using free services without caring about the personal data of their clients.
Why Cancel automates the feedback collection workflow and forms the required reports. You don't need to worry about the timeliness of the required data, because it will be always at your hand whenever you need it.

How can the received results help you?

After analyzing the results of your automatic survey you will understand some of your weaknesses and get the insights on how to keep the subscribers and satisfy them. New strategies, better-segmented campaigns, changed newsletter contents are only a few of results, which our clients regularly achieve. Why Cancel acts like an experienced mentor, working by your side and uncovering the right development ways while smoothing the potential difficulties and problems.
So stop shooting into the air with the guesses! Track your unsubscriptions and hit even the hidden targets of your online business with help of Why Cancel!

This article is about Why Cancel.
Our service for Anti-churn with real customer questionnaires that convert.

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