Market Research in Brazil.


For Market Research in Brazil you need to know that Brazil is known as the land of football and sun, but now it is getting more noticed by the strong and solid economy, one of the fastest growing in the world, catching attention of investors and industries. Brazil is a major producer and exporter of different kinds of goods, from mineral to agricultural and manufactured.

In 2012 Brazilian economy was considered as the 7th largest in the world, it´s the largest one in South America, the 2nd in whole Western Hemisphere and is expected to continue growing in future decades, becoming one of the five largest economies in the world.

Brazil is home for a large amount of natural resources and a mix of different cultures, what has helped shaping a plural and tolerant society, with respect to other cultures and that can easily accept new habits and working methods.

Brazil is a perfect place for a new market adventure.

Today Brazil has a strong service sector representing 67% of the GDP, followed by the industrial sector with almost 30%. It´s also one of the world's biggest producers of feed and has the largest area for agriculture, being the 1st in cattle livestock, the 2nd in production of organic food and the 3rd in fruits and also transgenic products.

Brazilian industries have a wide range of activities from automobiles, steel, petrochemicals, aircraft and consumer durables. Brazil has also extensive mineral resources, important sources of raw materials for industries and exportation, from iron and manganese reserves to deposits of gold, zinc and others making the country one of the biggest producers and exporters of minerals. Brazil has also an important part in the fuel industry, having big reserves of petrol and being the main producer of biofuel.

Brazil attracts people, in fact having 5 million tourists every year and with a position, which makes Brazil the perfect way to enter the South American Market, with border with 10 different countries. The Brazilian population, which in numbers is around 202 million people, makes a strong and large consumer market, that is rapidly increasing and is an essential key to sustaining country's economic growth.

Unlimited possibilities with Market Research in Brazil.

With a growing economy and so many possibilities companies see and search more every day for the opportunities of investing into Brazilian Market and implementing their idea or product. However, to create, develop and sell a new item or service in a Market, every company or entrepreneur needs Market Research. Such researches are a vital part of the strategy in a business. They allow to identify the status and trends of the specific markets and also the demand for a product group or your particular product. Only a well-made Market Research gives you the correct knowledge of the market sustainability for your product/service and also the understanding of what the audience expects. With this information collected you can make the correct decision and create a good plan or adapt the existing one to the development of your company or promotion of a product.

But how to build a Market Research? This question comes to the mind of many people, when they want to get more detailed information about the Market and to be sure they are taking the best steps towards the success. The best answer and option is always to use the services of a company, that has the experience and specializes in this type of the survey. Why not to do it yourself though? This is another thing that can pop-up in your mind, when you think about making a research. Of course, you want to keep the budget and maximize the information and that is what some companies try by using their internal resources for market research.

However, in almost any case this choice will result in a bad Market Research with mistakes, flaws and overall not as good as it should be. At the same time, it will make the person responsible for it not available for anything else. It will take hours and hours of work to construct a research, that in the end may not even work properly. Probably, it will not be shown clearly in your budget, but surely it will be noticed by the responsible person's productivity and stress. When you rely on such an approach in creating and implementing your Market Research, you are making an all-new problem, because of lack of knowledge, experience and solutions. So you should be ready, that your Survey will not have the quality it should. At the same time, it will contain problems, that maybe you will not even notice, from a badly constructed Survey, less number of recipients' replies, problems within answers, information and even with the implementation and the analysis of data.

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