A hotel Customer Satisfaction Survey in 15 seconds, how is it possible? Stay Evaluator, more than just a Hotel Questionnaire.


Let´s face it. You as a hotelier do not have time to create surveys. However, what if you as an organization could spend less than 15 seconds to send out, read and get information about what your guests really think of your business Room standard, Reception service, Gym, Breakfast service and Room Service? Now you are probably thinking, “How is that possible to make a Customer Satisfaction Survey of a hotel guest in 15 seconds”?

With our easy and yet powerful system we map customer satisfaction to a specific stay and services, that your business has provided to the guest. With the form that takes less than 15 seconds to fill in for your reception staff, the guests are invited to leave feedback. After that Stay Evaluator will calculate your results in details based on the internal information, which Stay Evaluator knows about and the external feedback your guests leave.

When the system has identified a problem, then you will know about it and can start working on solving the weak link scenario in your business.

What about the questions, are they from templates?

Stay Evaluator will never provide you with templates, instead we do a serious phone interview and with the help of real professionals in customer satisfaction make the questions for you, so that you have a tailored survey form that is sent out to the customers. Every business is different, but we know how to make a perfect survey for your business. Over 15 years of experience gives us that assurance.

How long does it take before you can get started with Stay Evaluator?

Stay Evaluator will get setup for your business and the normal turn-around time is 3 weeks from the interview with you about your goals and future plans of the company. With this data we then create and setup the survey inside Stay Evaluator, setup the background data that is needed and then you will get a test-drive period of a few days before the final delivery is made.

What is the difference between surveys in Stay Evaluator and surveys that are used in sites like booking.com and hotels.com?

Stay Evaluator system is set up with your business in mind, something that booking.com, hotels.com and other booking agent sites will never do. They have the aim on selling for your business. We have the aim on evolving your business and finding flaws. Besides, your booking agent site can get customers that are not the real customers to answer just for getting scores. Many of the booking agent sites also link to external sites that are full of reviews and can never help you on understanding of how to improve the service. They will not give you the facts, instead they only provide the noise that will blur more your focus and make it harder to see facts in your business.

So, what does Stay Evaluator cost?

Well, we would happily tell you, but first fill in the price quotation request at the end of the page and we will have a discussion on how to get the most out of Stay Evaluator. With that information you can then see how worth it is for you. From our side we can assure you, that in comparison with profit you may receive, it is absolutely worth that small fee you pay to us.

This article is about Stay Evaluator.
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