How to create a good telephone survey


We have often been asked on how to carry out a phone survey and how many questions should you ask. There are also times when you want to hold customer surveys or follow-ups when you do not have access to email. What do you do then?

We usually recommend to gather customer inquiries via text messages or email, but because there is sometimes a need for larger companies to do a survey over the phone right after support calls, there had to be a possibility to do this with Examinare. But not only large companies should be able to do this, the small and medium ones must also be able to afford it, of course. We will go through the most basic principles of good customer phone surveys in this article. If you want to start making your own telephone surveys, you are welcome to try our demo and talk to us through the usual communication channels about how Examinare can help you with telephone surveys.

What do you have to do to get a good phone survey?

What we always advice is making sure that you have the customer's interest; it can be a interest to get something "fixed" or created. A usual example is that a customer is calling a vendor's support and then is forwarded to a telephone survey after the call. This annoys some customers, but that is how the big companies evaluate their customer service workers.

The most significant thing is that this type of telephone surveys "turns things around" and ensures that the customer gets the impression that you really want to know what he thinks. It is very important that you are the supplier who does not use the customer only for profit. You show that you do this customer survey over the phone not because you want to brag about it on the website, but because you really want to show that your company have the desire to make it better for the customers.

If you redirect the phone calls to our phone survey system, it is important to keep the survey short, a maximum of 2-3 questions and the speech should be clear and not stressful. Customer does not have all day for you, but at the same time, you does not want to run over them like a freight train. It is essential that your customer will respond calmly, but quickly.

Here are some suggestions on the telephone surveys:

- How can you evaluate the solving of the problem you had by our staff? Please evaluate it from 1 to 5, where 5 is excellent and 1 is being really bad.

- Would you recommend us to any of your friends or family members if they ask for a good supplier of .....? 1 is never and 5 is absolutely.

Dial-up telephone survey after the call is finished.

If you are not able to divert your customers to the telephone survey, what usually depends on the connectivity restrictions and other factors, it might be a good idea to ensure that your customers can choose if they want to be called by the customer survey and it can often be solved by adding additional IVR menu. It gives an opportunity to add the customer to an additional waiting list and then include him/her as one who wants to be a part of the telephone survey. With simple technical implementation, the client will be called automatically using Examinare’s module for telephone surveys.

How can you use Examinare to make telephone inquiries?

We at Examinare has helped businesses to create surveys with great variety since 2006. However, one kind of surveys, which is not like the others has been implemented since January 2014. We have created an extension to Examinare with which we use very strong cloud servers to call several hundred people per minute and conduct telephone surveys directly towards them. We at Examinare want to help you as well as to do our absolute best to help you to get started with telephone surveys. Don’t hesitate to ask for a free quotation here and we will make your phone surveys something extra.

This article is about Phone Surveys.
We help you to do Automated Phone Surveys with connection to your PBX or Phone System.

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