Course Evaluation made simple with our new solution, KursEval.


Everything began with a customer, who contacted us asking if it was possible to find the reason why a certain part of participants in his training courses decided to quit attending them earlier. Nowadays our society, science, technology develops rapidly and continuous education is an inevitable way to keep up with the time. Modern students want to acquire valuable skills quickly and be able to use them right after the end of training courses. But goals and types of training sessions differ from one another and there is no universal solution able to be effective in all the cases.

That is why we have developed KursEval, the solution which is able to evaluate various training courses with help of easy-to-use automatic satisfaction surveys. However, KursEval is not only a tool, it's a full value service, doing the major part of work in evaluation of your courses for you. You don't need to:
- google for suitable surveys and questionnaires, guessing will it work in your particular case or not (we create a survey for you if you order the Full Package);
- send questionnaires manually to course attendants one by one or manually track and send reminders to those who ignored the invitation to fill in the survey for the first time (KursEval does this automatically according to your settings);
- read long manuals and watch endless tutorials on how to setup and use the system (each section of our manual is only a few sentences long and doesn't demand any specific knowledge);
- manually analyze and count answers based on date, month, tutor etc. (reports are available in real time and can be instantly filtered according to your needs).

How does KursEval work?

1) Connect your Examinare Survey Tool account to your KursEval (copy-paste two lines of text)
2) Create a survey inside Examinare.
3) Create a class inside KursEval and either type in the names and emails of the training course participants or import them from any program, like MS Office, Google Docs, Open Office, Libre Office etc. If you work with the same classes, you create them only once and then just choose from the corresponding drop-down menu.
4) Choose an appropriate survey and fill in the text of your email invite.
5) Choose how soon you want the participants to receive your survey: right after the end of the training course session or a few days later.
And you're all set!

KursEval is created to become a mandatory tool for the training professionals. It is able to accelerate the business growth and helps to avoid the repetition of unnecessary mistakes. The gathered feedback from course participants not only allows to evaluate training programs, courses and instructors. With it, you can also target the development of specific skills for particular participants or classes and plan further training for any other field or education area.

This article is about Class Evaluator.
Our service for Automatic Training Course Evaluation.

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