Make your restaurant a special place for the customers and increase your reservations with Food Evaluator.


Find out how you can improve your food establishment and become even closer to your customers with our easy-to-use satisfaction survey solution. Explore the opinion about your restaurant’s dishes, their serving and freshness; check if the waiters were polite enough and easy to find. Control and influence the satisfaction by satisfying even the most unsatisfied people. Food Evaluator gives you the freedom to choose the preferable way to contact your customers and immediately provides you with the information for growing your restaurant business.

Expert help is included to make your survey creation and data gathering easy and effective.

Survey templates, because of questions randomness, won’t bring you much effectiveness, if you really want to make your restaurant better and not just make an impression of caring about your customers. For this reason, the help of our experienced experts is a part of Food Evaluator service.

During an online meeting with your company’s representative we define the problems and purposes of your business, determine objectives of the study to pick out the optimal survey structure and fill it out with relevant questions. Our successful experience is at your service within Food Evaluator.

Different ways of collecting feedback. Choose the one, which is more convenient for your customer.

Taking into account that the feedback given directly to the waiter is often biased and cannot be structured, we implemented two different approaches of gathering customer voice to achieve the most effective result while not making the customer feel uncomfortable or disturbed.

First, which is called Point-of experience feedback, gives higher response and is more exact, because the customer’s experience is fresh. You just preload your Food Evaluator survey on a tablet and pass it to the customer directly in your restaurant.

With second, so called deferred feedback, you just input customer’s email into Food Evaluator online form and the customer satisfaction survey sending is being automatically scheduled according to your previously made settings. However, keep in mind that to attract people to your survey and gain feedback from them, you need to deploy an effective inviting method and an appropriate stimulation system.

Control the results in real-time and timely fix any arisen problems and weaknesses.

You can always check the most actual results in real-time as soon as your customers have answered the survey. When you receive any suggestions for improvement or service complaints, you have an opportunity to react quickly by minimizing/fixing the problems or even contacting the customer to thank him or propose a free coffee etc.

Orientate your service toward customers by discovering the most relevant data with advanced results filtering and automatic calculation of Customer Satisfaction Index.

Choose Food Evaluator for a single location or the restaurant network.

Pay only for the functionality you use. We offer various price plans allowing you to get the most out of your investments. Use Food Evaluator in a single restaurant or contact us to receive price proposal on deploying Food Evaluator in your restaurant network. For any questions, integration help or custom requests, you can contact us via toll-free phone number or online chat on site during Western European working hours.

You can also send us an email at any time and receive a response within 24 hours.

This article is about Food Evaluator.
Our service for Restaurant Surveys.

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