Speed up your site by moving from WordPress to SpiderX CMS and Hosting from Examinare Scale.


We have assisted in many website projects where we have found that WordPress isn’t always the best fit for the customers time and budget. Most of the sites have been made with templates/themes that has Hugh memory leaks and vulnerabilities.

Templates and themes are the biggest problems.

WordPress itself is not a security risk, it is all these templates and ready themes that is the main problem when you get a website made. And if you do not watch out the upgrades of your WordPress site will at worst break your installation. When a WordPress crashes it is most to cause that the theme is based on an already made theme and the base theme will need to be updated like any other piece of software.

Themes not being updated is mostly based on cost. Cost of the license and the cost of getting help to update the themes. Good Wordpress sites can cost up to 3-6 hours/month to maintain updates for and add functions for.

SpiderX CMS is different.

SpiderX CMS is a raw engine made in PHP and fully compatible with 5 and 7 and upcoming versions. Most of the programming is done per customer and is not based on any WordPress-alike themes. All parts of the website are maintained with easy textboxes. We make the website really stylish and easy for you to change information when you need to.

Since the code of SpiderX CMS is very clean and extensible you can get new functions into your website for a fraction of the cost of a specialized WordPress plugin made.

Mobile ready based on Bootstrap.

All customers are Mobile Ready from start. We base the front-end on Bootstrap that is a mobile-ready library that shows your websites exactly how you want them inside the mobile version without hiding any vital information.

Get a Quote today for your website to become faster with SpiderX.

Send us an email to info@buyfrominternet.com with your name, website URL and a contact phone number and we will contact you for more information how we can get started.

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