Explanation of Bank Customer Satisfaction Survey.


Why Bank Customer Satisfaction Survey is the best way to grow your business? It’s easy! The best way to satisfy customers is to ask them what they need! Let’s take a look. Any bank, regardless of size and focus, works on growing its customer base and retaining the existing ones. Of course, retention of old clients is much cheaper than searching for new ones, but there will be no growth and business development without them. Investing heavily in customer acquisition activities you can't forget about those people who prefer your bank today at the same time. A happy client will likely give you a few more clients.

Identifying people who are satisfied with service and those who had some troubles in working with the bank, is a smart move. You can get this information through managers and operational staff, working directly with clients. But though, as a rule, happy clients don't hide their satisfaction, on contrary, the unhappy ones are reluctant to share the data which is valuable for you. They might need time to think, a quiet environment, or confidentiality to share their emotions or negative attitude towards certain circumstances. Sending a letter to the place of the client's residence or work, eye to eye interview with high probability won't give the desired result. On the other side, many customers prefer remote service with minimal personal contact. That's why the Bank Customer Satisfaction Survey is the most effective solution in many cases.

Which questions should be included in the Bank Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Intelligently compiled survey questions will help to find out what bank services need to be improved or implemented; what problems have to be eliminated. There shouldn't be many questions. They have to be simple and understandable for the clients. Questions of Bank Customer Satisfaction Survey may touch the identification of the most popular and qualitative services provided, reasons for customers’ loyalty, nearest competitors, your bank's shortcomings. First, you should determine your primary target audience and the subject of study. Are you interested in what customers think about services, maintenance and the bank as a whole?

A good practice is to use questions that clients will be able to answer not just selecting the given options, but with their own words. For example, “Is there anything you don’t want to see at our bank? Explain it” or “What additional service would you like to see in our bank?”. Questions with a gradient scale will show the service's degree of attractiveness. Remember that Bank Customer Satisfaction Survey is a kind of ladder to the client, so ask only those questions, which are the most important for you and try to avoid useless ones. People won’t give away all their time to you.

We, at Examinare, through numerous studies have implemented all the functions and features that would be required for the preparation of the Bank Customer Satisfaction Survey in our survey tool. Clients will be able to take part in the survey not only on the bank's website but also on the mobile phone while standing in the queue. Questions of broad functionality, rich design possibilities will make your survey more interesting for clients, while the detailed system of results analysis will provide all the necessary charts and reports in real-time. Prizes, discounts and other surprises will be a great reason to take part in your Bank Customer Satisfaction Survey. In most cases, people are happy to share valuable information with you. The only question is in a proper approach to every single person.

If you are interested in Bank Customer Satisfaction Survey, then, please, contact us at Examinare and we will help you to create and realize it well, while detailed information analysis will provide answers to all the questions that have previously seemed impossible to find a solution for.

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