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As of olden days, wanting to get the attention and understanding of your customers, you would always need to pay a great cost for the needed information. Market Research on Facebook makes us understand that finding one's perfect audience/customer for a new commodity can be so difficult. Meanwhile, it’s currently one of the most used application to get information for the people planning the future of their new products and services, or for the revival of not-so-successful existing products. In short, Market Research is more or less know-how in business planning.

Getting to knowing your audience or customer general information such as geographical information, age and income is the first step in your quest for Market Research on Facebook. However, you can effectively unfold your audience or customer preferences by simply asking a few questions.

What are the other pages my customers/audience like or follow?

What are the major interests of my customers/audience?

What are the possible things I can search about them e.g. habits, kids, employer, and marital status?

Facebook that has 2.5 Billion users, contains a lot of information for your existing research. If, for example, you are drafting a space, Market Research suggests you start with Facebook Audience Insight (FAI) or go with Facebook’s suggestion feature in order to find an additional recommendation.

For example, If you are in search of IT professionals in a large firm, all you have to do is to simply type the name of the largest IT employers (Google, for example), and then use the suggestion feature to search for the similar companies. Before doing any research, you have to analyze your target, asking yourself a question like, “who do I want to know more about?”. It's about outlining as much as as possible about your audience. In Marketing, this is usually called, the ideal customer persona or profile.

And if you are in need of help with defining your ideal customer or audience, there are some helpful tips to go by.

Your ideal customer profile needs to be filled with details, so it will be easier to get to know them. 

It’s important to have the first knowledge about them before anything.

Demographics is mostly a great start in terms of knowing your ideal customer, then you have to target their interests, i.e. what movies, television shows, music and/or books do they enjoy?

Getting to know more about the courses they support is also a great pathway to getting into your ideal customers' minds, knowing how much they participate in politics, knowing if their life revolves around family, their religion and many more. Grasping all of these details might not seem important to you and the business at first blush, but in all truth, they give you some peeks into the cogent bit you need to know about them (their biggest motivation).

After understanding what motivates them, that is, why they choose to get out of the bed in the morning, why they keep going (persevere) and what actually is their ultimate goal. That’s how you will understand why and how they will pledge a buying decision concerning your stuff.


It’s no news that Facebook, being the world’s top social platform inevitably permits various service providers and or plugins to function on it as mediums to conduct research and surveys. In the light of this, however, despite the numerous available plugins, it is of utmost importance for a customer looking to conduct market research or survey on Facebook to engage the medium of EXAMINARE. Being the number one service offered by EXAMINARE AB, EXAMINARE is without a doubt your best call for the survey and research. This claim isn’t baseless as Examinare offers the following services along with Facebook

1. With EXAMINARE on Facebook, surveys can easily be sent and distributed around the world.This is essential in the sense that it allows customers to ask questions from the users of the world’s largest social platform, inquire about their opinions and receive answers in a versatile, convenient format.

2. Easy Activation
Customers can activate their surveys easily on Facebook with the “1 click activation". Such surveys can thus be disseminated through posts or ads on Facebook. Receivers of these surveys will be able to give answers on The Facebook Platform without having to exit or be redirected to an external platform.

3. Exploring the pages and profiles that belong to your audience/ customers.
Slide as deep into their contact information and privacy settings and look at things like their demographics (are they married? Where do they live? Do they have children?) Knowing their status updates will give you immense knowledge into what they want, what they are passionate about, the kind of problem they are currently sorting out and, of course, how can you help them, as well as knowing their likes (books, movies, music etc.) and getting to know their links to other social media profiles or their business websites.

4. Looking at the Insights for your fan page or group.
It will give you everyday data such as:The group demographics of everyone who follows you and also, which of your posts they fancy and are engaging with. You can adopt the use of Facebook ad builders in finding out how big your market is.

5. Using the Facebook search button to find:
The entire group of users that fit your target market. Firstly, you have to listen to them, then, when you are ready, dive into conversation and network. There are certainly questions being asked that have to do with your business, products or services category.

6. Putting up a highly targeted ad that invites the right people to take a survey somewhere else online.

7. Putting up a Facebook Polls option.
Asking your audience questions on how they find, buy and use products isn’t a bad idea too. It is also a good recommendation watching your mini news feed, (it’s just a click on the right side of your Facebook window) to see your progress and the little action and attention your connections are taking. Sometimes, you have to understand the benefit of your time on that amazing research. Although it depends sometimes, just listening is enough to burst an idea for that new product or service that you’ve seen your audience raising and racing their heartbeats for.


Understand exactly where to spend your time networking. (What type of groups are in agreement with what you have on the table and which are only spamming links to each other?).

Go deeper into understanding and solving the “so what?” questions your candidates are asking about the attributes and benefit of your stuff.

Pay attention to why people don't patronize your competitors and ask yourself these questions to improve and expand your business and network. (Is their service too boring? Too strange? Too hard to understand? What is their character? And some other attributes in their personal business and relationship life). You have to pay great attention to the competition as it is the best way to improve. That is, this is a clue on how to better improve your services to your audience.

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