How to use Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Delivery Evaluator for Car Rental Companies.


There are not many services like the car rental service, rent a car is more or less a standard when going somewhere as the normal business person. The rental car is vital for people to meet and do business, but the use is not only for the business consumer, it is also for the family on vacation. What most maybe do not know is that the business consumer that rents a car is normally picking the company because of a really convenient experience the last time they used it on their holiday. Some do use the rental car companies simply of the lack of an alternative. Regardless who the majority of your customers belong to what scenario, there is always a need to get information about what the customer thinks about your service.

We can be integrated to your rental system.

The Customer Satisfaction Surveys system that is Delivery Evaluator are made by the geniuses behind Examinare the survey tool. Examinare Survey Tool has been integrated to many hundreds of system and not all of them are generic systems. The technicians behind Examinare has been integrating to system that was made over 30 years ago to the more simplified system inside Wordpress. If you have a system that you want to connect to Delivery Evaluator, they can solve it. With the help of long software experience they will integrate and make sure you are up and running within 3 weeks from ordering the service.

How to get started with Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Delivery Evaluator.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys are not the static service that everyone think. Your questions have to be good and based on your business, otherwise it will only be a big timewaster for both you as a business and the customer/consumer. Delivery Evaluator’s consultants do an onboarding brief of one hour with you and gets the business scenario together, after that our consultant will prepare the questions and setup the entire solution for you to try out and tell about changes you want to add. After the changes has been made you are ready to start to run Delivery Evaluator. If you want integrations to be made it will be done before delivery, on time. Welcome to contact us about Customer Satisfaction Surveys with Delivery Evaluator.

This article is about Delivery Evaluator.
Our service for Delivery Feedback Surveys.

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