The easiest way to create surveys on the internet.

  • Surveys, questionnaires, polls, investigation projects & phone surveys.
  • Reaching audience with multiple channels of communication.
  • Easy analyzing and reporting.
  • Translated & localized in more than 35 languages.
  • Highest security and data safety.
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Modules and Software Suites Connected to Examinare Services.

Automatic Training Course Evaluation made Easy and Powerful.

Examinare Class Evaluator - Automatic Training Course Evaluation.Evaluate your training course with easy-to-use automatic satisfaction surveys software. Class Evaluator comes packed with consulting services that will create templates for your school evaluations and create the automatic flow tailormade for your business. We do all the setup and questions for you, if you need to make surveys in more than one school we will then setup the amount of schools and also make translations for you if you need in more than 1 language. 

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Customer Surveys for Clinics made Automatic and Secure.

Examinare Clinic Evaluator helps clinics to improve their communication with patients and increase work effectiveness.With Clinic Evaluator managers have the ability to control patient satisfaction and the quality of provided services.

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Delivery Feedback Surveys, made easy and automatic!

Examinare Delivery Evaluator helps to evaluate performance in ecommerce, delivery and one-time purchases.With Delivery Evaluator, business owners get the tools for controlling satisfaction of their customers with the received orders, their delivery and overall work of the company. 

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Restaurant Surveys made Automatic and Professional.

Examinare Food Evaluator helps restaurants and other food establishments to anticipate customer needs and serve them better.With Food Evaluator managers can control their customer satisfaction and the quality of staff services. 

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SMS voting systems and SMS surveys created for you in mind.

Pocket Response gives you a number of tools to help you get feedback on your lecture, marketing campaign or support / feedback. Our system is based on the robust and reliable platform Examinare and gives you access to a very robust platform for large SMS campaigns, SMS surveys or SMS polls easily and affordably.

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Hotel Reputation Management made Powerful and Secure.

Online Reputation Management Software for Hotels with Customized Guest Surveys.With Stay Evaluator hoteliers know what their guests really think and act on faults to make their property better and more profitable. With our Online Reputation Management Software with built in hotel satisfaction survey do we not only gather guest feedback but also send guest surveys made by real survey professionals. We do not use survey templates, we use human knowledge accumulated from over 20 years of experience with guest feedback. 

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Powerful System for Survey Kiosk Powered by the Examinare Framework.

With Examinare Gadgets solution you can turn your tablet into a Survey Kiosk by simply installing an app and get all the power of professional surveys instantly. You can create a Survey Kiosk spot for conducting various types of investigations such as Service Evaluation, Exit surveys, Field Researches, or simply let your customers leave their feedback without any interaction with your internal staff. 

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Anti-churn with real customer questionnaires that convert.

Examinare Why Cancel helps companies to find out true reasons for contract cancellations and how to win back their customers.Why Cancel assists companies to understand how to be better by studying the cancellations in their business. We help Online magazines, Gyms, SaaS, Electric Companies, Internet Service Providers and companies who provides online subscriptions and services.

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Reach everyone with Phone Surveys from Examinare.

Examinare is not only a powerful Survey Tool for the web. We also provide a Phone line extension and you can add this service to your Examinare account. Our Phone Survey connection can call any phone number in the world for amazing prices. We do not have any limitations on how many respondents can be called. The only limitations are the limits of your Examinare Account.

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