Qualitative employee survey at a fixed price.


Since 2006 Examinare has collected more than 26 million questionnaire responses. A large part of these responses was received as a part of employee surveys. After such a long experience we have become masters at creating good employee surveys and now offer all companies a fixed price per employee. The pricing model is completely unique in the industry and such a fair approach lets even small companies with less than 25 employees afford an employee survey.

The employee survey is created adapted to your employees' IT habits and is sent out via email / text message. We can also collect your answers to the employee survey by phone. Everything is included in the price you receive, when request a quote and all the work is based on your business and number of employees.

Calculation of results of your employee survey.

We create a unique report for each employee survey and the content of the report reflects your business in the form of leadership, loyalty, satisfaction and personal reflections regarding the future employment with your company. We never disclose any information that can uncover an individual employee, acting as a filter between the management team and the employee at the same time. This way you also get more answers and more honesty from them.

The integrity of the individual employee in our employee surveys.

We create and send out all the surveys directly to the individual recipient. In our system we can see the individual answers, but never disclose this type of direct information to the management team or manager. We ensure that the individual recipient's information is kept inside the system only and is not displayed in the analytical reports.

Dispatch of employee survey.

We send out employee surveys via E-mail and SMS to each individual recipient. When there is no email available, we use only SMS. In cases of sending out via both SMS and e-mail, the individual can only respond once. The employee can start answering via SMS and then continue via e-mail. In our system it is not possible to have double votes registered per recipient.

Examinare pricing model for employee surveys.

We at Examinare calculate your price based on the number of employees, industry and the average level of education your employees have. You will receive a quote valid for 15 days, which you can accept via online signing. In some cases a short 15-minute interview is conducted by the telephone.

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