What Questions to Ask in Your Customer Survey?


We often receive questions from our customers and prospects, what questions should they ask when they send out customer surveys? The most important thing to consider is that you are asking the customers with the main target to keep them satisfied with their service.

You certainly do not want to use questions that are impersonal like, “How old are you?”, “Are you male or female?”.

These questions only show that you had no time to do the research or to import the data into your Survey Tool. Using the information that your CRM system contains, you can import this background information to your account in Examinare.

What questions should you ask in your customer survey?

First of all, you must remember not to ask leading questions. If you use leading questions in your customer survey, you will get the wrong information to work with. In the worst case, you can’t use the results at all. The best way is to ask straightforward questions such as:

To what extent are you satisfied with our service?
– Very satisfied
– Satisfied
– Dissatisfied
– Very dissatisfied

We usually advise using the 4-point or 6-point scale when creating a customer survey. In this case, the customer cannot be giving average scores but is being forced to take sides.

When is the best time to ask customers?

Businesses and services are different, but there are common situations such as:

– Responding before ordering
– Delivery feedback
– Evaluating the solution of technical troubleshooting/support issues
– Examining the affordability of product
– Asking for recommendations

Ask for recommendations

Most of these question types are common, however, for some companies asking about recommendations is something new. By this, we mean asking questions like the following:

Would you recommend Examinare’s survey tool to a business contact?
– Yes, absolutely!
– Maybe, if I hear that someone is looking for one.
– No.

This question has three levels, but it has two positive levels on purpose. You want to know how many customers are “proud” to use your services.

Every Company is different.

Since every company has different needs when it comes to customer surveys, we recommend our survey consultants. We will help you to develop the right questions and create customer surveys directly inside your account on Examinare. Contact us regarding your next customer survey, and we will also help you with your questions.

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