Jakov Veterinary Centre uses Clinic Evaluator for their customer satisfaction surveys.


We at Examinare are happy to have Jakov Veterinary Centre using Clinic Evaluator, an Examinare product based on Examinare Survey Tool. Clinic Evaluator is a solution for controlling patient satisfaction and the quality of provided services. 

Jakov Veterinary Centre (Jakovo veterinarijos centras) is the oldest private veterinary clinic in Vilnius, Lithuania. Its main specialization is veterinary service for dogs and cats. Doctors of the clinic provide a full range of veterinary services, conduct laboratory and other types of researches, carry out the necessary preventive vaccinations, prepare the documents for travelling of pets abroad etc. All the specialists practicing in the clinic have a license for private-practice and are members of Lithuanian Small Animal Veterinary Association.

What makes Clinic Evaluator so different?

After the scheduled online meeting, our survey specialists prepared an individual survey, which covered clinic’s points of interest and could easily fit into the everyday workflow. As a way of learning customer satisfaction, clinic’s management chose deferred survey. After each customer visit to the clinic, administrator inputs customer’s email and chooses serving veterinarian inside Clinic Evaluator together with preferable survey language. It is being delivered to the customer’s email box according to the previously made settings. Each day manager of the clinic can check the received responses, read customer’s comments and complaints and take appropriate actions.

This article is about Clinic Evaluator.
Our service for Customer Satisfaction Surveys for Clinics.

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