Unique offer to Real Estate Companies: Housing survey at fixed prices.


We at Examinare have been working for a long time to make surveys and knowledge about them available to all industries. In the current situation, it is not easy to manage the conducting of surveys for housing at the real estate companies, therefore we introduce a new consultancy service where you, as a real estate company, receive the entire survey study at a fixed price per housing. This means you get all the following included for a fixed price:

  • Creating a unique survey (questions are based on your business goals)
  • Mailing by email
  • Sending via SMS (mobile text)
  • In cases, when the above information is missing, the survey is sent by mail with a reply envelope.
  • Scanning and interpretation of paper questionnaires.
  • Analysis of all responses.
  • Final report of the entire project.

Creating a unique survey according to your business goals.

We create the survey according to your business goals. Tell us about your goals and challenges, so that we can make your housing survey as efficient, as possible. We have developed an effective process, in terms of which we interview you and create a guest survey, that is unique for your case. The interview and all the data from it are handled under a strict confidentiality agreement (NDA) that we sign together.

We never use the same template for two different businesses. There are no accommodations that look the same, and therefore your accommodation should not be handled like any other.

Sending out your housing survey via E-mail and SMS.

We ensure that your e-mail messages have a high recognition factor and follow your overall design at the company. When you click on the link in the email, you will get a survey according to your design.
When sending via SMS, your company name is briefly displayed to the sender and if someone responds via E-mail or the link in the SMS message, the system won't count duplicates. 

Detailed analysis of all residents' survey responses.

We analyze all the answers in detail and make sure, that you get the maximum out of each survey response. The entered comments will be summarized in the final report and we will ensure that, if a resident wants to get in touch with you about a service case, they will not be missed, but informed to you.

Climate-wise management of housing surveys.

By using an electronic survey, we send as little paper surveys, as possible to save the environment. Upon returning the paper questionnaires, all of them are scanned in and the paper copies are destroyed in special conditions, where they are ground down and sent for recycling. Everything is handled according to strict confidentiality.

Apply for a quote on housing survey already today by filling in the quotation request below, thus securing the best price you can find in the housing survey market today.

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