Follow-up of termination of electricity agreements via SMS surveys and E-mail surveys.


Cancellations of electricity contracts take place every day. However, some of them are based on relocation, some of the electricity agreement cancellations occur, because customer find a lower price. How many of your redundancies happen, because the customers are not satisfied with you as a supplier? Without following up the customers, you do not know, why are they terminating their contracts. Why Cancel is a service aimed at reducing redundancies over time and discovering the crucial reasons of why your customers change the supplier. Collect and systematize data, get real information as a basis for making changes to your business and customer management strategies.

Get help from our research experts in organizing a productive and reliable questionnaire from scratch.

Successful collection of customer redundancies via surveys in Why Cancel is entirely possible by having the right questionnaire from the start. Although it seems a fairly obvious and relatively easy task, it is actually the response rate, the quality of the collected votes and their use for business development what makes the difference.

Our team of experienced consultants will help your company customize goals according to the survey information. We create the most relevant questionnaire and do the questions from the beginning, possibly with Skip-logic functionality to ensure quality and data validation. This way you minimize any errors and have the opportunity not to concentrate on strategies later and to win the customers by continuously analyzing the content of the questionnaires.

Integrate Why Cancel into your daily work to measure dissatisfaction and mitigate the negative trends.

Why Cancel is designed to meet all the requirements of modern business. It connects to your system and when the customer cancels the subscription, Why Cancel captures the name, e-mail and sends customer a previously prepared SMS survey or e-mail survey to find out the reason. There are some settings within Why Cancel, which also help you to obtain the necessary information, such as language of the inquiry, time of sending the inquiry after the occurred cancellation and the possibility to automatically send a reminder to the customer, whose response has not been received. Why Cancel works in fully automatic mode. It is also possible to send surveys via an online form.

Simple yet professional analysis work on your SMS surveys and E-mail surveys is done in Why Cancel.

As soon as your customers answer the questions in your survey, the results are analyzed directly on our cloud servers and displayed in your system in real time. You have the opportunity to check both the aggregated results for every question and to read every voice or comment separately.

Why Cancel generates beautiful, informative charts based on the question types used in your survey. With a mouse-click the received results can be filtered by the date of participation, customer group, language etc. You can exclude useless results or votes from the overall statistics. The generated online reports can be exported to different file formats for the further work.

Contact us to send out SMS surveys and E-mail surveys for following up cancellations of electricity agreements with Why Cancel.

This article is about Why Cancel.
Our service for Anti-churn with real customer questionnaires that convert.

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