Postal questionnaire and postal surveys.


Postal surveys are a safe and advantageous method of collection in surveys with a large target group and a wide selection. To obtain a reliable result, it is crucial that the design of the questionnaire is easy to understand. We make sure you get a clear design that is proven. Our design possibilities are refined with each mailing and we make sure you get the latest in postal surveys. To help minimize misconceptions and increase the response rate, we work with professionals in the printing industry who can print and minimize costs.

Examinares work with established printing companies with many years of experience and high capacity in order to guarantee high quality material at a competitive price. Our previous projects include surveys with everything from a few individual surveys up to several thousand.

This is how a normal work process with postal surveys looks like:

1. We take care of the whole process. Examinare ensure that the entire process runs perfectly, from design of mailing to printing, collection and scanning of the results.

2. We create a professional design. We can print envelopes with your logo or as it has been shown in many cases send the envelope without design so that it looks like a bill.

3. Mixture of Digital and Analog. We make sure your customers can send back by mail or reply online.

4. Scanning. Examinare use advanced optical scanning of the paper questionnaires, all scanning is then linked to your digital questionnaire.

5. Quality assurance with human eye as supervisor. We make sure that every voice is heard, therefore we make sure that all recipients are matched and if our digital scan cannot match it we will match it manually. In attachments, these are stored digitally.

6. Responsible handling of spent material. All paper copies are ground down to pulp and left for recycling. We protect the environment and make sure we create as much recycled material as possible.

Welcome to contact us regarding paper questionnaires (postal questionnaires) and Postal surveys already today.

This article is about Postal Surveys.
We can help you create Postal Surveys, SMS Surveys and E-mail Surveys.

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