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Examinare has over ten years of experience helping clients get the best value from feedback, questionnaires and business data. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements, and we'll make recommendations about how we can help you.

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Industry Specific Feedback Platforms

We are confident that we can provide you with a questionnaire feedback platform that will satisfy your business requirements. If you still feel that one of our out-of-the-box platforms doesn't suit you, we are happy to provide you with a custom built platform. This way, we can take into account your unique business model, which will ensure that you receive exactly the feedback that you need to achieve your strategic objectives.

Here is a list of Examinare's feedback platforms that we have available for your industry right now:

Airport Feedback Systems.
Patient / Client Satisfaction Questionnaires for medical clinics.
Automatic Feedback Systems for Support & Delivery.
Feedback Solutions for E-commerce.
Automatic Training Programme Assessment.
Hotel Client Satisfaction Dashboard (HCSD)
The most efficient Mystery Shopping Technology Platform on the market today.
Monitor Service Cancellations and Unsubscriptions.
Business Feedback Systems.
Restaurant Client Satisfaction Dashboard (RCSD)
Retail questionnaires connect to POS (Point of Sales) systems.


Our team at Examinare has more than ten years of experience working closely with customer-oriented companies - so we would be delighted to develop a custom built platform for your business. You can read about some of our products and services here:

Solutions for CSI (Client Satisfaction Index).
What questions should be posed in your client questionnaire?
Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires.
Enterprise Satisfied Client Questionnaires.

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Happy employees work harder, generate higher margins which all leads to a better reputation for your organisation. If you wish to enhance the engagement and motivation of your employees, we are happy to help you perform employee questionnaires, which will give you the following business benefits:

  • Focuses your attention on the strengths and weaknesses that your organisation has in the short term.
  • Addresses your employee needs, resources or tools in a timely manner, resulting in improved productivity and pride in their work.
  • Employee engagement improves through the systematic collection of their ideas and opinions on different aspects of the work process. This in turn leads to continuous improvement and better implementation of your organisation's strategic initiatives.
  • Insight on how successful workers wish to be rewarded, and their feelings about your existing remuneration system.
  • Demonstrating to your employees that you care.
  • Insight on future policies and strategies.

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If you want to start a new business, create new markets or develop new sales programmes, you should consider conducting market research. We have been providing this service for various types of businesses since 2006. In addition to identifying your ideal customer base, we can help to explore new opportunities for your products, thereby generating sales growth. Our market research consulting team can provide you with following business intelligence:

  • Current demand level for your product or service.
  • The optimum look, feel, taste, or functionality of your product.
  • Profile of your potential customer base (age, gender, profession, income).
  • Optimum price point for your product/service.
  • Strengths and weakness profile of your competitors' offerings
  • Potential reactions of consumers on any planned changes to the look, price or functionality of your products.
  • Projected volume of sales.
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