Examinare, started as a survey tool, evolved to global business partner in all walks of company life.

The Examinare journey started 2006 and has since then evolved to a company partner, not only in feedback but also in IT-solutions, hosting and Market Research. With our experience we cover all parts of your company journey. From Start-up companies to the Growing Multinational Corporations.

With that said, most of our feedback solutions are based on Examinare, the Survey Tool.

Examinare Examine - Examine the market with Examinare.

More than 30 years combined experience within Analysis, Market Research and Customer Satisfaction Projects make Examinare your one-stop shop when you want to find out more about new markets or your existing customer base. We make sure that you get maximum functionality out of your project budget.

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Examinare Follow Up - Following up with Clients on your behalf.

Examinare Follow Up is your part of the Examinare service portfolio that can help you follow up with customers. We have solutions for specific industries, Customer Satisfaction Projects specialized for you, Managed Customer Satisfaction Surveys Project where we take care of all your feedback ongoing for your company.
If you are looking into a Customer Satisfaction Survey or a whole Survey Department then your answer is still the same, Examinare Follow Up.

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Examinare Scale Up - Scale your business to the next level with Examinare Scale.

More than 30 years combined experience within Programming and integrations make Examinare your one-stop shop for program-related projects. We make sure that you get maximum functionality out of your project budget. Asking us for price quotation today and we will help you save on your production costs.

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Latest News

Qualitative employee survey at a fixed price.

Since 2006 Examinare has collected more than 26 million questionnaire responses. A large part of these responses was received as a part of employee surveys. After such a long experience we have become...

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Kokius klausimus pateikti klientų apklausoje?

Mes dažnai sulaukiame klausimų iš mūsų klientų kokius vis gi klausimus reikėtų pateikti klientų apklausose. Pagrindinis aspektas, kurį derėtų išlaikyti mintyje, yra tai, kad klientus norite...

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Service quality survey with Delivery Evaluator from Market Research Company Examinare.

When creating a service quality survey there is a lot of factors involved in the project. It is not something that you should take lightly. Templates and word files that you can download online are not...

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Price Quotation

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