Online Publication Service Quality Measurement Service (OPSQMS).

OPSQMS is more than just an online rating system on the internet, a Questionnaire or even a form to enter questions online, it is a partnership between Examinare and your online publication. We help you guard your brand online. We work with Online data and Reviews + Subscriber Onboarding and Exit Forms to build a view of your Online Reputation Ongoing.

Ongoing every month, every day, every hour you have a feedback team that works for you to find and counteract negative publicity online.

More than just a Questionnaire.

With Examinare you will not only get a team of knowledgeable Professionals, planning and the tools according to where you are right now, we also plan together with your business to scale together in an organic way. Having a monthly communication with your team in Examinare on your Online reputation is a must in our digital age. Examinare will act as your own Feedback Research Team and Quality of Service Team and reporting to you directly.

Benefits on our Online Publication Service Quality Measurement Server (OPSQMS).

Your own Team of Professionals
We research all data and find negative feedback and counteract it on your behalf.
All technology fees are included
With our OPSQMS you are paying for getting results. We solve all the technical setups and planning.
Monthly status meetings
We work closely together with your company and report results per monthly basis.

Trusted Worldwide

Price Quotation

Price Quotation

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