Monitor Service Cancellations and Unsubscriptions.

Why Cancel is Examinare's proven methodology for getting the real facts on why your customers are terminating your services or unsubscribing from your business e-mail marketing.

Stop pondering...

Discover the real reason clients cancel a service or newsletter!

Find out why a cancellation or unsubscription happens.

Why Cancel tracks all service cancellations and unsubscriptions. Using a predetermined configuration, Examinare's powerful technology will help you to collect intelligence about what services were cancelled and the reasons why.

Examinare provides automated welcome and reminder emails.

Examinare's questionnaire platform automatically generates welcome emails, and reminders are sent if your client hasn't completed the survey after a predetermined time.

If you need to send e-mails under your domain name, rest assured that this service is available as a feature.

Examinare's Online Reporting system is automated and includes a determination of the CSAT (Client Satisfaction Score)

Why Cancel will analyse all the client responses and show you the results of the detailed analysis. The next step is to make targeted business improvements so that less clients unsubscribe. If you're not sure what to do, ask our business consulting team to help you.

Why Cancel is the ideal tool to learn from termination of contracts

Why Cancel is designed for service companies (such as Software as a Service - SaaS - or equivalent) whereby the client can cancel the service online. If you are running a standard subscription service such as a utility, then Why Cancel can help here too. We have created integrations with many diverse systems.

Examinare's advanced platform can automatically by triggered by clients unsubscribing from your service

There are many root causes for clients unsubscribing from services - for example re branding.

Our consulting team have found that there is nearly always more than one reason for clients unsubscribing (for example) from a newsletter. By adding Why Cancel to your website, you can include a questionnaire with the issues that you find valuable - not the questions your newsletter provider thinks are good to know!


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