Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires.

You choose the communications method, and we'll collect the data from the client satisfaction questionnaire for you. Some of the available methods are e-mail, post, SMS or phone surveys.

You choose the communications channel, and we'll help you create the client satisfaction questionnaire:

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Client Satisfaction Questionnaires performed by e-mail.

We still find that e-mail is the best way of performing client questionnaires today, as each client receives a personalised link by e-mail. Examinare is different from all other questionnaire vendors as we have unit pricing for producing the client questionnaire, distributing it, reminding people who haven't responded (twice, if necessary), and then analysing the data. We do not use boiler plate templates to design client questionnaires, and instead we tap into our considerable knowledge and experience that we have built up through many years in this business.

Client Satisfaction Questionnaires using SMS.

Client questionnaires distributed by SMS is one of the fastest communication channels available today. Clients will automatically be sent an SMS with a link taking them directly to your questionnaire. They can easily complete the questionnaire wherever they have phone reception. SMS provides a very fast process, and using Examinare's unique software, even clients who do not have Android or iPhone smartphone can respond to our SMS questionnaires, since all they require is mobile data on their phone and a handset manufactured after 2003. This benefit will give you a higher response rate than with other vendors.

If you want to create an ongoing client questionnaire, this is also possible with our Dashboard Solutions for client satisfaction questionnaires. Our Dashboard Solutions are available for many different types of client, and you can find out more about one of them (Hotel Dashboard) here.

Regardless of whether you want an ongoing client questionnaire or a single use questionnaire, Examinare can provide the solution for you.

Client questionnaires performed by traditional mail-outs (snail mail), known as postal questionnaires.

Examinare's postal questionnaires can be answered either using a pre-paid envelope or by the recipient entering a personal link and responding on-line. When you use Examinare, you get a project price that covers mailing, reporting, and analysis.

The postal questionnaire is obviously a slower communications channel than using email or SMS. A feedback project usually takes about 8-10 weeks to complete. We have conducted customer surveys in English, Swedish, Arabic, French, and Russian. We also provide the opportunity to combine postal questionnaires with follow-ups using phone, email or SMS to speed up the process.

Client questionnaires by telephone / telephone polls.

Examinare's advanced platform allows you to conduct client questionnaires over the phone in different ways. We can implement traditional telephone questionnaires, where there is a customer service representative who calls your client. In this type of client questionnaire, many observations from your clients are collected and fed back directly to you, in addition to the standard questions our staff asks them. With client questionnaires performed over the phone, you will have both quantitative and qualitative results that can give you critical client feedback

Automated Phone Call Feedback.

Examinare also supports automated telephone surveys using audio files for calling. This technology gives you continuous feedback on how your clients perceive you. This can be done by diverting the customer after the call to our call centre, or by our automated call centre calling the customer five minutes after ending the call with your customer hotline. Our solution also helps you identify unhappy customers before they air their views on social media. We find that this client questionnaire method is one of the most used by call centres, and you have probably responded to one of these yourself.

Please contact our consulting team to find out what type of client questionnaire will work best for your organisation.


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