SpiderX CMS, the tool for a fast website on your own domain and terms.

CMS stands for Content Management System, ie content management system and that is what SpiderX is good at. With special functions for each customer, the system beats Wordpress and other systems at the fingertips as all functions used in SpiderX are optimized to be fast.

A fast website gives your customers a better experience.

SpiderX has been developed by developers behind Examinare and for each customer more functions are created which are cheaper to develop than for example, in Wordpress. What distinguishes SpiderX from Wordpress is that Wordpress is a framework full of insecure components that increase loading time instead of lowering it. In some projects, Wordpress is faster and cheaper, but for websiteowners that want a website that works, SpiderX is a better option.

Your website will load much faster with SpiderX CMS.

SpiderX is a web experience built from the ground up based on several years of experience. All companies handle their web experience differently depending on what they want to show to their customers. Maybe you want your own login based on Scandinavian mobile BankID, Google login or even a customer login with connection to external services or something else. All these services can be created custom made in SpiderX CMS with high security.

SpiderX CMS does not use modules or plugins.

SpiderX has no modular system or plugin system that slows down or needs updating. If there are errors in the parts that SpiderX CMS runs then Examinare Scale helps with troubleshooting. If your page's load time increases, we can also step in without you having to sound the alarm and can fix the error so that your website runs faster. Feel free to ask us about our monitoring service.

You do not need to update anything.

Wordpress is world famous for its updates that create problems with themes, plugins and that cause your website to stop working or display error messages that should not be seen by customers. SpiderX CMS does not have such errors. If the problem arises, we will fix them if you have our consulting service for a small yearly fee.

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