Automatic Feedback Solutions for Support & Delivery.

Out of the box solutions for Delivery Feedback from Examinare. Know how well your delivery partner preforms.

Behind every delivery there is a customer. Make sure your customers are happy.

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Delivery Feedback

Deliveries are made every second of every minute of every day. Customers receive their services or packages from their supplier. Most suppliers measure the success of a delivery, when the item has reached the customer. Most service suppliers measure the service assignment as a success when they get paid but this is far from the truth. Track the success of your own service with easy delivery feedback solutions. We at Examinare know the challenges of organizations in incorporating Delivery Feedback. We have both out of the box services to make automatic delivery feedback possible and we also make custom made solutions on fixed budgets.

Zendesk or Prestashop Automatic Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire.

We build custom integrations to Prestashop or Zendesk to follow up your Delivery with feedback options both about support tickets and sales. In our integrations inside Examinare Survey Tool we scan all orders or tickets that are marked as shipped or solved and send out automatic Customer Satisfaction Surveys according to your settings.

All Follow up questionnaires can then be analysed inside Examinare to check the CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) among other details. We also construct export functions to get details back to Big-Data platforms, where you can see customer trends etc. – Automatic Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires simplified.

We have been in the survey business for over 10 years and we have discovered long time ago that small businesses are often lacking customer satisfaction questionnaires and also the lack of time is often the big part of this. Therefore we have constructed, a very easy and powerful solution that is included in all Examinare Unlimited accounts. We also offer special discounts, if you have a government funded project or a kickstarter project.

Special tailored Delivery Feedback solutions on fixed budget.

We create tailored delivery feedback system on fixed budgets. If you are interested in getting a safe and powerful solution for future, then fill in the price inquiry and we will make our best to bring you the system you dream about within a real-world budget.

Why use Examinare as your Feedback partner?

Examinare provides a powerful, easy-to-use solution for creating your delivery feedback surveys. Since we provide all the technology you need to gather feedback from your customers, your company can use the saved time to be the best partner your customers can have. Take care of the problems and issues your customers may acknowledge in your surveys. Make your customers feel they are special to you and let them know that you care about their experiences with your deliveries. We care about your business. That is why we are always here whenever you need help. We have answers to your questions and concerns. We make it our business to provide best solutions for your organization.

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