Employee Satisfaction Surveys.

When customers interact with your company, they do it most of the time with your employees. Unmet expectations of employees in your company will effect customer communication.

Main reasons for Employee Satisfaction Surveys usage.

When you have descided then we are here to help you.

Unhappy employees influence your business badly

When customers interact with your company, they do it most of the time with your employees. Unmet expectations of employees from the company often reflect with their communication to customers.

Unhappy employees will not be loyal to your company, thus, they will grab the very first offer they can get from another company. In worst scenarios, employees may leave and work for one of your main competitors. Moreover, since your employees often interact with your customers, unhappy employees may result to lost business.

Your company loses money for every lost employee

The initial loss occurs when the company needs time to rehire and train new employee. Another loss is the loss of customers. Since the new employee cannot duplicate his successor rapidly, customer’s feeling of safety from your company may start to fade.

To avoid quarterly expenses on training of new employees for old positions, you should be more proactive. This means your company should send out employee satisfactory surveys more often. Conducting of employee surveys every six months (or even every three months) will help you spot problems that may arise from loss of manpower.

Happy employees are productive and good future partners.

As an employer, you need to be pro-active. This means you should follow-up with your employees regularly. Even if the employees had given a negative feedback, it is important to listen to them no matter how minor the issues may seem to you. The smallest detail needs to be corrected. Motivation levels of your employees maybe lift up if concerns they brought up are corrected. Additionally, your employees may mention company issues in the survey. This is, therefore, an invitation to you to responsibly address the problems. Upon handling of issues, follow-up with your employees after a month or so to check if issues were truly corrected and employees got satisfied.

Employees are the life and blood of your organization. If they are happy, you will be happy. This is especially true when you take a look at the amount of sales they generate.

Customers are attracted to companies who take care of their employees.

Companies who care for their employees never have problem hiring new ones. If your employees want to work for you, so does everyone else, especially your customers. Customers are attracted to companies who take care of them. Furthermore, customers may feel the warm welcome when a satisfied employee smiles at them as they interact. That is a feeling that never fades.

Now when you have descided: Start gathering employee feedback today!

Examinare provides a powerful, easy-to-use solution for creating your employee feedback surveys. Since we provide all the technology you need to gather feedback from your employees, you can use that time saved to be the best employer your employees can have. Take care of the problems your employees may raise in your surveys. Make your employees feel they are special to you and help them feel you care about their issues. That is why we are always here to help you and provide answers to your questions and concerns. We make it our business to provide the best possible solutions for your organization.

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