Enterprise Satisfied Customer Surveys.

Satisfied Customer Surveys Projects that Examinare provide to the Enterprise Section. We specialise to add the multilanguage functionality to the Enterprise Feedback Market.

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Satisfied Customer Survey with Examinare.

We at Examinare AB has over 10 years of experience in Customer Satisfaction Surveys and help customers with custom Customer Satisfaction Surveys for organizations. The way we conduct the Surveys is a mixture of new technology and classic personal contacts. For you to get a feel of what we do, we have combined a few different solutions we supply our customers with daily.Of course not all organizations are the same and we know that, so please if you are looking for something for your organization that is not mentioned here, then contact us for a price and function discussion.

Managed Customer Satisfaction Surveys Project (MCSP).

With a Managed Customer Satisfaction Surveys Project (or MCSP for short) we take care of your Customer Satisfaction Surveys, a fixed amount per year. You decide the medium and we take care of the on-going reporting. A specific project manager is appointed and will work side-by-side with you to get all the feedback your divisions need. A mixture of traditional phone surveys, postal questionnaires, email campaigns and SMS is just one of the parts included in your project.

We always give you a fixed fee per month as a project budget and MCSP are contracted from 24 to 48 months at a time. One of the most loved features of MCSP is that you get a feedback department without getting the pain on setting it up. Feedback on demand. Contact us for a price discussion.

New Product Survey Campaign.

When introducing a new product, we work closely with your development team and work on getting the feedback you need. Here many campaigns are made by hand or by post, but we also work with focus-groups to get more in depth detailed data for your feedback on the product or service.

With New Product Surveys we work with what you have, if you do not have the customers already, we will get new by going through normal telemarketing. If you have already a focus-group, we can both meet them by electronic rooms to save money or fly out to meet the group and get in-depth feedback that you will need to make crucial product adjustments.

Customer Satisfaction when applying changes to existing products.

Many organizations are in the need of rebuilding the technology to fit the new modern needs of the target customer group. It is not uncommon that some has a need of rewriting all technology from the ground up and therefore there is a high need to do a customer satisfaction survey not only on the overall use of the technology, but also the functions individually.

We work with your development and executive positions to discuss what you are looking into changing and how, after then we will pick a part of your existing customer to survey for their needs in this area. It is very common in the IT field that technicians overwork things and focus on cool functions, when the customer really just needs some part of the already made technical design to work better. With us as your knowledge partner you will know what to change and get, if needed we can even be a part of the whole process during the development take place.

We work in over 28+ languages.

We work in a global feedback enviroment. We do not only provide products for 1 industry in one country. We provide multilingual service with localization close to our hearts.

If you are looking for a global Satisfied Customer Survey for your services then you are welcome to contact us for a price quotation.

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