Integrations for Examinare Survey Tool

Class Evaluator

Clinic Evaluator

Customer Satisfaction Surveys based on iZettle Data.

Delivery Evaluator

Dropbox Integration

eBox Integration

Examinare Gadgets App

Food Evaluator

Fortnox Integration

Freshdesk Integration

Magento (v2) Customer Satisfaction Surveys Integration.

Magento Customer Satisfaction Surveys Integration version 1.

Mailchimp Integration


PSPP Integration

Shopify Integration

SPSS Integration

Stay Evaluator

Stripe Order Follow-up Extension

Twilio Integration

Whitelabel Domain (Custom Domain)


Zendesk Integration

저희는 개발자 API를 제공합니다.

Our system is fully functional with our API connection. You or your own developer can use our API to automate Survey Invites, get data about recipients or get votes both in individual view or with demographics attached. You can also use our API to control phone survey distribution and Magic Polls™.

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