Enables you as a customer of Prestashop and Examinare to send out automatic follow-up Surveys of orders been shipped from your e-commerce store.

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Made by:
Examinare AB

Pricing Structure:
Included in all accounts

About Integration

By sending a Service Assessment Survey on every Order you can easily track what your customers really think about your products. The Prestashop integration is a ”set and forget” functionality that will make your business life easier and full of knowledge.

In Examinare all your customers’ information are safe and we do not store any company data other than the necessary contact details.

Installation Instructions


  1. Create your Order Follow-up Survey in Examinare and publish as Private or Private Anonymous Survey.
  2. Go to your Examinare Account and click on Integrations.
  3. Navigate to Prestashop Integration.
  4. Choose your Survey already created in your Examinare Account (From step 1).
  5. Sign into your Prestashop and get the real URL of your prestashop.
  6. Navigate to API settings under Advanced Settings and create a new key. Make sure it has read access to your Customers and Orders. Easiest is read access to all. Integration do not need write access ever!
  7. Add the required information inside the plugin. (If you have problem then contact us at
  8. Your feedback routine is now all set. For security reasons you can not edit / see API Information after save.