Fortnox Integration

Examinare’s integration enables you to sync all your contacts over to Examinare from your Fortnox account. This way you can easily send out a survey to all your recipients in your Fortnox Customer Base.

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Made by:
Examinare AB

Pricing Structure:
Included in all accounts

Installation Instructions


The steps are easy, start by signing into your Fortnox account and create an API key:

  1. Sign into your Fortnox account.
  2. On the top you will see your name and when you click on that you can pick “Administrate Users”.
  3. Click on “Add integration”.
  4. Find “Examinare Survey Tool” in the list of integrations.
  5. Copy the API Code that you get from Fortnox.

Now login to Examinare:

6. Login and navigate into “Integrations” menu.
7. Click Fortnox.
8. Paste your API key into the field and choose or type in the Group where you want the recipients to be created.
9. Wait 20 minutes and all your recipients has been created in your account. You will find all customers inside recipients in the group you already set.


To disable the fortnox integration just sign into your Examinare account and navigate into “Integrations” menu and pick Fortnox. Well inside the integration click on “Disable” button and your sync will stop.