Zendesk Integration

Use the power of Examinare Customer Satisfaction Surveys with Zendesk.

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Made by:
Examinare AB

Pricing Structure:
Included in all accounts

About Integration

Examinare’s integration enables you as a customer of Zendesk and Examinare to send out automatic follow-up Surveys. Examinare will scan your database every 24 hours for newly closed tickets.

By sending a Service Assessment Survey on every Support request you can easily track what your customers really think about your feedback handling. The Zendesk integration is a ”set and forget” functionality that will make your follow up tasks easier.

Installation Instructions


  1. Create your Feedback Survey in Examinare and publish as Private or Private Anonymous Survey.
  2. Go to your Examinare Account and click on Integrations.
  3. Navigate to Zendesk Integration.
  4. Choose your Feedback Survey already created in your Examinare Account (From step 1).
  5. Add your Zendesk API information according to the steps.
  6. Your feedback routine is now all set. For security reasons you can not edit / see API Information after save.


To skip sending out a follow up survey on a single ticket you can apply the following tag in the ticket “nosurvey”. This will tell Examinare to not send the follow up survey on this ticket. This can also be done with Company rules in Zendesk.