Send automatic Customer Satisfaction Surveys with Woocommerce.

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Made by:
Examinare AB

Pricing Structure:
Included in all accounts

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Activate the API in Woocommerce login.

To start with Automatic Customer Satisfaction Survey, Examinare need access to your Woocommerce API keys and domain to be enabled to scan and make survey invites schedualed. Start by login to your Woocommerce site and navigate to Settings -> API.

Activate the API and then create a new API key and Secret. Make sure you copy it of the screen when it displays.

Set a description of the API to what ever you want and you can use Read as a access for the API since the integration only read and never write any data to your Woocommerce installation.

Save the API information directly when you see the details for the API, it will not be visible later.

Step 2: Create your Customer Satisfaction Survey inside your Examinare account.

Step 3: Distribute your Survey.

Click on Distribute inside the edit view of your survey and click it to be activated as a private survey. If you already distributed the survey as a public survey then first deactivate it and then activate it again.

Step 4: Open the Woocommerce Integration inside your Examinare account.

Fill in all the fields and make sure Examinare can connect.

Done! Now your Examinare account will scan for completed orders with real emails inside and send survey invites. If you need help to test this out on an test platform or have questions then contact us at support@examinare.com.