Reporting in Examinare Survey Tool

Regardless of the quantity of results in your online survey, the responses are analysed automatically in real time. The process of reports generation and representation is intuitive and easy. It is organized with different time-saving methods listed below.


In Examinare, we have different charts that serve your needs for quick answers. Are you in a meeting? Do you need a quick answer? Use our charts and get the answers directly on your screen.

Individual Votes View
With Examinare Survey tool you have the option to not only see the results summary, but also to check any vote yourself in detail. The results can be printed out directly from the reports area.

Exclude Results
Sometimes you may get unserious votes in public surveys. It can be expected since you are sharing the link to everyone and since we are working with people. You do not need to worry, open the vote in Individual Votes and click “Exclude”. The amount of excluded votes is noted by the system and can be included in the final report.


Exporting results to MS Excel.
Would you like to have your answers in a tabular form? If so, then you will love our MS Excel export function. It only takes one click and you can see the results on your computer after a couple of seconds.

Exporting results to PDF-format.
Do you need a detailed report of the survey? Go into your account at Examinare and click PDF. You will get a detailed report with charts, which is downloaded in a couple of seconds. Examinare Survey Tool is there to assist you all the way.

Exporting results to SPSS.
Do you work with SPSS? If so, then you are only one mouse-click away from analyzing your surveys using SPSS. We have downloadable files in “.sav” and the “.sps” formats.

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