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Restaurant Customer Satisfaction Dashboard (RCSD)

When you listen to your guests, you know what needs to be improved and can therefore make more money

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Do you know that…

Ready-made Club Customer Questionnaire is included in Examinare Survey Tool.
After the registration in our system you can access many other professional templates in our Survey Template Library.

Avoid bad reviews

Avoid Bad reviews and rumor to spread by actively doing customer survey sample. There is no established restaurant in the world that always delivers 100% satisfaction, but if you know what needs to be changed, then you know how to get more creative and be fully booked every night.

Learn how to make more money

If customers are expecting a certain level of quality and you do not deliver it, then a change of service can help you to make more money and give the possibility to get more regular customers and more social bookings like weddings, social functions etc.

You order, we deliver

When you get a Restaurant Customer Satisfaction Dashboard from Examinare, all you have to do is to tell us about how your business works. The rest we will do for you. It includes the following:

  • Creation of questions.
  • Setup of all technical solutions.
  • Training of how to read and aim for better results.

How can the customer answer?

When a customer has enjoyed his dinner and wants to drink coffee, it is a good time to ask him to answer a survey. The customer will be able to answer the questions on a tablet in real time. After the answers has been inserted, it is customary to treat the customer and his/her guests on the coffee.

If you want to enable for the customer to answer at home, for instance under the lunch rush, then you can activate an “Answer at home” function, where you enter the email and the rest is sent to your customer’s email. After answering they should get some treat next time they come back.

Make sure you act on information and not on guesses.

Ask your customers what they think according to your business goals, control your vital feedback data yourself and grow your business.

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