E-commerce Delivery and Quality Measurement Service (EDQMS).

EDQMS is more than just a rating system, questionnaire or a feedback form, it is a partnership between Examinare and your company. We follow up your entire customer base with a set of external flows to follow up the delivery, expectations meet and retention of customers.

Ongoing every month you have a market research team that follow up with your customer deliveries and contacting non-buying customers with NPS depending on their activity. We also structure internal surveys like Employee Satisfaction Surveys to track your internal performance.

More than just a Questionnaire.

With Examinare you will not only get a team of knowledgeable Professionals, planning and the tools according to where you are right now in your business process. Monthly communication with your team in Examinare that will plan and conduct your Measurements. Examinare will act as your own Market Research Team with your business goals in mind.

Benefits on our E-commerce Delivery and Quality Measurement Service (EDQMS).

Your own Team of Professionals
We create, follow up and write the reports according to measurement points you have.
All technology fees are included
With our EDQMS you are paying for getting results. We solve all the technical setups and planning.
Monthly status meetings
We will work closely together with your company and your Human Resource and Marketing Team.

Trusted Worldwide

Price Quotation

Price Quotation

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