Delivery Evaluator – a small and easy system for automatic quality measurements of your deliveries.

Delivery Evaluator allows you to receive customer satisfaction information and feedback comments automatically or with a few button clicks. When you are always informed about your customers’ likes and dislikes, it is easier for your organization to grow and work professionally.

How does it work?

Delivery Evaluator connects to your website or ecommerce and catches the fulfilled orders. Then it sends follow up questionnaires to your customers by SMS or E-mail.

Alternatively, you can simply upload your client base into Delivery Evaluator and manually send survey invites at any time.

What results do you get?

All the received answers are automatically analyzed in real time. Depending on the type of question you choose, the charts are formed and the performance mark is calculated.

Comments are displayed in a separate section. There you are presented with a user-friendly feedback overview and may also use the chosen results as testimonials for your website.

Communication with clients is organised via SMS or email.

You may choose a preferable way of contacting your clients, depending on the type and organisation of your business. SMS has an added small cost, while email communication is totally free of charge.

How is the setup process organised?

Depending on your needs and your type of business, Delivery Evaluator can be connected to your website or be used as a separate solution for controlling customer satisfaction.

In first case, the system automatically catches the fulfilled orders and sends surveys to the clients in a set time. In second case, you upload your customer data into the system, check the desired recipients and they will get the surveys in a set time or immediately after you click the appropriate button.

How to order Delivery Evaluator?

To start with Delivery Evaluator, order an account here from our website. The setup time is 2-4 weeks and is included in your payment. The process: 1. You order an account. 2. You answer the questionnaire. 3. We setup your account within 72 hours.

Core Reasons to use Delivery Evaluator.


Delivery Evaluator works in fully automatic mode. There’s no need to track customer purchases, check who has already received the survey or not, manually send invites and reminders. Once being set up the system works on its own according to your settings and you can concentrate on checking the received feedback.


There is a lot of ecommerce platforms and systems we have already made an integration for: Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce etc. If your company is using a non-standard or individually developed system, we will surely find a way of integrating Delivery Evaluator into your everyday workflow.

Included CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score)

Delivery Evaluator Dashboard contains CSAT, a special index presented in a mark from 1 to 5, that is automatically calculated for each field of your work and in simple way shows how the customers evaluate your services. It gives a quick overview and shows the influence of different team members and departments on the overall results.

Survey sending by the most common communication channels.

Delivery Evaluator can be set to contact your customers via email, SMS or both. It’s fully up to you what to choose. At the same time, if you use both channels, duplicate answers from the same people are impossible, because right after the customer has answered the survey, the system marks the parallel link as inactive.


Delivery Evaluator is hosted in Examinare framework, which is working according to the highest security standards and not compromising to quality for affordability, like a major part of standard web hostings. 

Our hosting is held in Europe, but with possibility to store data in USA, Russia or Singapore/Asia by your request.

GDPR Compatible

We sign a “Personal Data Assistant Agreement” with all of our customers. This is the reason you can be absolutely sure, that all the valuable data in your account is strictly handled according to the guidelines of GDPR.

More than 35 languages available

Delivery Evaluator by default works with 35 languages already and the new ones can be added if you need them. Automatically contact customers in their native language, collect more responses and show your exemplary client orientation!

Professional survey tool for other in-depth research as a bonus

Together with The Delivery Evaluator account you get access to Examinare Survey Tool, a professional software for researches of any complexity. It gives you access to conducting Employee Satisfaction Surveys, marketing surveys, website evaluation and much more. Dedicated Examinare account is included into your contract by default.

Live analysis and custom reports

All the answers and data coming into Delivery Evaluator are being analyzed in real time and displayed on your dashboard. The system provides rich sorting and filtering capabilities, individual response review and custom report generation. The automatic daily reports can be delivered to you by e-mail.

Control your business work with your clients ratings.

Take a fresh look at the user friendliness of your website, ease of ordering and availability of payment options, time of dispatch preparation and the quality of the delivery. People are different and so are their desires and requirements. You will never know what was wrong, if you do not ask about it.

Payment Providers Integrations.

Find out more about your payment options. Are you missing any option that is in a high demand? Are there any problems inside the system that you do not really know about?

We have fully automatic connections for:


E-commerce Integrations.

There ARE a lot of e-commerce platforms and systems available. We also have automatic connections for the following e-commerce platforms that are fully automatic and able to start working as soon as your account is set up.

Use insights from customers in your favor.

There can be numerous scientific researches done, lots of info-entrepreneurs may share their success stories with you or you can endlessly spy at the competitors, but still the needs of your customers and factors motivating them to buy certain products will stay unobvious and non-standard. The power of attraction is in satisfying the needs of YOUR own customers. Successful companies would never make a breakthrough, if they were imitating their competitors or following the general marketing recommendations.

In simple, automatic and informative way Delivery Evaluator helps to collect customer opinions, uncover their feelings, desires, thoughts on different products, user-friendliness of your website, missing features. Any complaints are a lot easier to express remotely than to share them face to face or even by phone. You will lose the valuable insights if you do not ask about them.

It will also be important to mention that the whole process of gathering customer insights is being held in fully automatic mode. After your customer puts in her/his order and arrives at your thank you page, our system registers the order and customer information to enable email invitations of the CSI questionnaire. After you ship the product or service, Delivery Evaluator automatically gets indication about it. Then it sends out the questionnaire according to your settings. After receiving the feedback, you can follow the results in real-time.

Individually prepared surveys by certified professionals.

Many people think that professional tool is the most important part of organizing customer research, anyone can create the needed questions or download the relevant survey template. While first part of the statement is almost right, following the second half of it often brings low quality results, that can’t be systematized, low response rate and total frustration because of mismatching the expectations.

We don’t want this situation to happen with our customers, that’s why individual survey construction and design by our professionals is an integral part of Delivery Evaluator. There is no need for you to learn the survey tool, think over the right questions or compose motivating invite messages for your customers. During the standardized online interview our expert will learn the needs and goals of your company to subsequently develop an optimal way to track the satisfaction of your customers.

Any interview with you held by our survey professionals and all the received information is handled according to the strict Non-Disclosure Guidelines and corresponding NDA is signed between our parties.

Trusted Worldwide

GDPR & Privacy Shield.

When you become our customer, we sign a “Personal Data Assistant Agreement” with you and all the data stored in your account is handled according to the guidelines of GDPR. Available to read here.

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