Public Polls performed by Examinare.

Examinare's Public Polls are intended to form part of public opinion poll projects. Polls can (for example) be part of an initial study, larger field research or election monitoring.

Affordable Public Polls.

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Public Polls.

Examinare's Public Polls are used to conduct public opinion poll projects. These polls can form part of an initial study, larger field research or election monitoring. Examinare has both the expertise and technology platform to transform your public polling project data into detailed statistics that can be used to understand public opinion. As many of our customer projects are covered by a non-disclosure agreement, we can only present a few of the products and services we have to offer at Examinare.

If your project differs from what we have outlined here, we are sure we can provide the customised platform you are seeking to match you unique requirements. Please contact our team of consultants by completing the form below so that we can give you a competitive quote.

SMS Polls.

Examinare's SMS Polls represent one of the most cost-effective ways of conducting a poll. Respondents can reply by SMS to a local number (that can provide) and our advanced platform will generate your results in real-time. We offer trace-ability back to the voter's number, and our system ensures that each phone can vote only once.

Examinare's Automated Phone Voting.

Phone voting compliments voting by SMS Polls. The target audience can call a local number and vote using the keypad on their phone. Our advanced technology allows you to limit phone voting to specific area codes. We can also prevent multiple voting from the same phone. The total number of votes totally flexible.

Examinare's Website Polls.

Examinare's Website Polls are intended to be deployed with public websites and compliment ordinary polls. In our experience you should not use website polls in a study, but merely as a tool to initially test public opinion. The advantage of website polls is that they can be used by anyone with a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Custom Polls Projects.

Examinare's consulting team are available to assist you to design the best combination of communication channels for your specific project. We are happy to operate under strict non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and will keep details of your project completely confidential. Our Polls Project consultants can help you if you need to validate your data.

Please tell us about your project's requirements, and we'll ensure we can deliver it on time and within the available budget.


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