Project review questionnaires.

Review your projects using Examinare's dedicated Project review questionnaire. Examinare can provide solutions for all business structures and budgets.

To know is to measure - remember that "feedback is the breakfast of champions"!

Make sure that you learn lessons from each of your projects.

Why use post-project review questionnaires?

Project planning is obviously a critical stage for organisations all over the world. Although project initiation and execution are the stages that organisations typically pay the most attention to, it is critical to embed post-project reviews as a standard business process. Sometimes the lessons learned are gathered by a team meeting or conference call with or without the project client. But what if you could do a project review questionnaire with your external and internal clients simultaneously?

Focus on critical business improvements using lessons learned.

Examinare's advanced functionality can provide you with a summary of your project review feedback in the form of a strength and weaknesses chart, which enables your project group to focus on the critical issues. Over the years, our team have have created many different reporting modules for project review questionnaires. Some of our bespoke solutions are designed for individual clients that we cannot discuss due to client confidentiality. With this in mind, we have put together a summary of some of the solutions that we have created for a variety of organisations. Please contact us to discuss project review questionnaires, so that you can get an understanding of our advanced functionality and competitive pricing.

Project lessons learned reviews with automated reporting.

Most organisations have put together a standard template that caters for all stages of their project life cycle - there are obvious benefits including training and reputability using standardised project processes. The project life cycle typically includes sales, preparation, initiation, weekly progress meetings and reporting, delivery, commissioning / handover and maintenance. The details of these steps will obviously vary depending on the type of project and organisation.

Looking closely at each project stage, there is clearly great value in collecting feedback throughout the project life cycle. By collecting feedback in order to drive the collection of lessons learned, potential problems can quickly be detected before they cause major disruptions or cost overruns.

Examinare can use their extensive experience and expertise create a custom made reporting system for your organisation, that will automatically generate reports for individual teams about issues that need to be addressed, both internally and externally.

Annual project review questionnaires.

Project life cycles have varying times, but annual reporting is a natural milestone in most organisations. Regardless of whether a project has progressed to plan, or has been upgraded or even cancelled, lessons should still be learned. Examinare's project team helps organisations build an automated reporting system, where the client receives a questionnaire to check whether it has met their initial requirements and expectations. Our system then provides detailed reports to the project manager about issues that need to be addressed.

If you have a help desk, don’t forget the support tickets and general support issues.

Providing high quality and timely client support is naturally a major component of any project. Examinare helps your organisation to include the intelligence gained from support ticket feedback into lessons learned or other modules / databases. It's obvious that if a client receives poor or untimely service levels, problems will inevitably be generated in the future

Over the years, Examinare's team have created numerous integrations with established support systems, where automated client reporting is a major component of the service.


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