Market Research by Examinare.

Market research is one of the most commonly used processes to gather critical data to plan the future of new or improved products / services.

Market Research Performed both Locally and Globally by Examinare.

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Performing Market Research with Examinare as your trusted partner.

Market research is one of the most commonly used processes to gather critical data to plan the future of new or improved products / services.. You will need a reliable partner that can supply both the technical platform, in-depth knowledge and experience to achieve the best results from market research.

Since many of our customers have a non-disclosure agreement with us, we have put together a general description of the types of market research products and services that we offer.

Questionnaire Data and Planning.

Market research projects are only as good as the questionnaire construction. We often say: “You get the answers you that asked for.” Clearly the research needs to be planned in detail and with great care. Without the right initial planning, the market research project can generate invalid results that leads to the wrong business outcomes

You can rely on Examinare's market research planning experience to ensure that your market research project leads to reliable and valuable results. Remember that in addition to the planning phase, we also provide you with a complete data collection platform.

Collecting Questionnaire Data.

We help our customers gather data for market research both online and in-person. We have performed face-to-face data collection in Scandinavia, Europe, and Thailand. Online data collection can obviously be performed around the world. Our online data process is unique because we create a new focus group for every project, and we do not rely on questionnaire panels where the background of the team is not guaranteed.

Collecting Questionnaire Data is a premium product and has individual pricing depending on your precise requirements regarding answers and quality measuring points. Please contact us to discover our competitive pricing and a short free consultation.

Data analysing.

Examinare's expert consulting team can help you analyse your the data regardless of the research provider. Our professional consultants are highly experienced in analysing both quantitative and qualitative data. When you hire Examinare for data analysis you will be impressed at the outcomes. We'll ensure you can reach useful insights from your data

For all organisations and budgets.

A market research project is created for the specific products and organisations. Our mission at Examinare is to provide a personal service for the most competitive price possible.

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